HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar Mangalasasanam At Madhyarangam


Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Madhyarangam_1

Today November 7, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Aippasi Moolam, HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan, offered mangalasasanam At Madhyarangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.

Sri Ranganatha Perumal here is in reclining position and has an 8ft Salagrama Thirumeni. The temple belongs to Hoysala period dating back 1600 years. Madhyarangam is an island and Perumal is known as Jagan Mohana Rangan lying on a seven headed serpent with Cauvery Thayar at His feet. Thayar is Ranganayaki and there are sannidhis for Azhwars, Takshaka, Ramanujacharya and Sugreevan.

Earlier, while HH was camping at Bangalore Deepavali Utsavam and Swathi Thirumanjanam for Sri Malolan and other deities of Sri Ahobila Mutt took place grandly. For related photographs, please visit Deepavali Utsavam and Swathi Thirumanjanam At Bangalore Sri Ahobila Mutt.  Srimath Azhagiyasingar is currently camping at Sathyagalam and will be on sancharam to Belagola, Harihar, Kolhapur, Pune and Mumbai between November 6, 2013 to December 2nd, 2013. For more details on Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s sancharam schedule, please visit HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar Sancharam Schedule for Aippasi and Karthigai

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Madhyarangam_1 Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Madhyarangam_2 Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Madhyarangam_3 Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Madhyarangam_4

Photo Courtesy: Sri Venkateshan

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