Bindiganavile Temple Raja Gopuram Samprokshanam


The Samprokshanam of Raja Gopuram is scheduled to take place at Bindiganavile Temple, Karnataka from November 18 to 24, 2013. The 83rd year of Sthapanam of Lord Vainatheya will also be celebrated during this time. On the concluding day, there will be vennaikaapu sevai for Sri Prasanna Channakesava Perumal and Sri Sowmyanayaki Thayar. Mahapurnahuti will take place at 10 am followed by Raja Gopuram Samprokshanam at 11 am. Thereafter, 108 Kalasa Thirumanjanam will be performed for Sri Kalyana Vainatheya at 11:30am. At 12:30 pm, there will be purappadu for the deities with Sri Vainatheya and Azhwars. At 1 pm, Satrumurai and prasada vinoyogam will take place bringing the utsavam to a conclusion.

Pravachana Vaachaspati Sriman U.Ve Karunakarachariar Swami had made a stotra on ​Bindiganavile ​Vainatheya during his ​recent​ visit to the Temple. The stotra text is available in Sanskrit here along with the rendition by Sriman Sunder Kidambi and for other languages, please refer

Swami’s Garudashtaka will be released on November 24th to commemorate the Samprokshanam event. The Book in Kannada (both original hymns and meaning) is ready for release. During the Samprokshanam event, the Book will be placed at the Lotus Feet of Lord and would be released for distribution.

Route to Bindiganavile

Travel on NH 48 Bangalore-Mangalore High way and you would reach Kadabahalli which is about 120 KMs from Bangalore. There you need to take a left turn and travel for about 10 KMs and you would reach the temple of Lord Prasanna Channa Keshava & Vainatheya

The following is the detailed utsava pathrigai…

Bindiganavile_1   Bindiganavile_2Bindiganavile_3bidinganavile garudashtakastuthi bidinganavile garudashtakastuthi1

Courtesy: Sri Ananthanarayana
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  1. Hello,
    There is a big mistake in the announcement….. “The 83rd year of Sthapanam of the temple will also be celebrated”.. Bindiganavile Temple has been in existence for more than 1000 plus years and there is history that Bhagavath Ramanuja when he was in Karnataka has visited the temple. Since Lord Vynatheya’s Vigraha was in wood and was covered by Ant hill 83 years ago a devotee of Bindiganavile by name Rao Bahadur B K Garudachar got the Vigraha replaced with the present sandalwood Vigraha which he got it carved at Tulasi Thota @ Bangalore and the celebration is for the installation of the present Vigraha and not Stapanam of the temple as said in the publication… please correct this and read… Thanks


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