Book Release: Vedantha Desikar’s Chillarei Rahasyangal (Tathvatraya & Rahasyatraya Chulakam)


Srirangam Poundarikapuram ashramam Swami Desikan Pushpa Pallaku2013-03

The concluding volume (3) of Vedantha Desikar’s Chillarai Rahasyangal on Tathvatraya Chulakam and Rahasyatraya Chulakam by Sri K.R. Krishnaswami has recently been released. The book has original text in Tamil, Kannada and English while the explanations are in English. The details of the contents and the book cover along with introduction pages of the book could be found below. Also, interested astikas may procure the book by contacting the author whose details are given below…

Chillarei Rahasyangal Chillarei Rahasyangal1 Chillarei Rahasyangal2 Chillarei Rahasyangal4 Chillarei Rahasyangal3

Courtesy: Sri Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar

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