Uyaranthavar Yaar ?


Narayana cosmic

Uyaranthavar Yaar articles describes the greatness of Acharya from the words of Bhagavan. The author  narrates by a small story,that  every creation is useful to the  society in some ways . The article goes with quotes from  samvadham of Rama and Lakshmana about the greatness of a bird. Finally the article ends with mentioning the greatness of Acharya by giving various quotation from Various Srisukthis.

Uyarnthavar Yaar-00spider web 2 Uyarnthavar Yaar-01spider web 1


Uyarnthavar Yaar-02Rama & Lakshmana 02

Uyarnthavar Yaar-03sage Valmiki Uyarnthavar Yaar-04

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