Area of a Cyclic Quadrilateral



Upanyasam on Area of a Cyclic Quadrilateral will be delivered by Sri.U.Ve Dr. Navalpakkam Kannan (Yagnam) Swamin organised by Veda Dharma Samrakshana Sabha. There is a change in timings of the upanyasam as below

Date and Time:
Saturday, Dec 14th 2013 (USA) / Sunday, Dec 15th 2013 (India)
USA : Saturdays, 08:15 PM to 09:20 PM (EST)
India : Sundays, 06:45 AM to 07:50 AM (IST)

USA and Canada:
Listing below the dial-in and passcode details.
Conference Dial-in Number : (605) 475-4000
Participant Access Code : 293109#

Ustream Channel:
Bhagavatas can listen to the upanyAsam from the following Ustream Channel also.

Bhagavatas interested in sponsoring upcoming upanyAsams may use the following PayPal link given below. (PayPal account is not needed to make a Sambhavanai. Bhagavatas can use any major Credit Card.)

Recordings of the previous upanyAsam:


Part 001: Oct 06th 2013 IST – Modern Mathematics in Ancient India

Part 002: Oct 13th 2013 IST – Huge Numbers in Ancient India

Part 003: Oct 20th 2013 IST – History of Square Root

Part 004: Oct 27th 2013 IST – Ancient Mathematics in Chess

Part 005: Nov 03rd 2013 IST – Binomial Coefficients in Ancient India

Part 006: Nov 10th 2013 IST – The Art of Counting

Part 007: Nov 17th 2013 IST – Madhava-Gregory Series

Part 008: Nov 24th 2013 IST – Geometric Constant Pi (π)

Part 009: Dec 01st 2013 IST – Pythagoras Theorem in old Sanskrit Books

Part 010: Dec 08th 2013 IST – Permutations and Combinations

Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Kannan Swami-02

Courtesy:Sri Veeravalli Raghunathan

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