Srivilliputtur Thiruadhyayana Utsavam Pagal Pathu and Araiyar Sevai


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Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_03

On January 2, 2014; Vijaya Varusha Margazhi Pooradam, as part of the Pagal Pathu utsavam at Sri Andal Rangamannar Temple, Srivilliputtur, serthi sevai for Andal-Rangamannar, Sri Vatapatrasayee Perumal and Ubhaya Nachiyars, Periyazhwar, Azhwars, Swami Desikan and Acharyas took place in the Pagal Pathu Mandapam. Thiruvaradhanam took place at this Madapam and Araiyar Sevai was performed with Senniyongu pasuram. Earlier, Swami Desikan had purappadu to this mandapam from the Desikar Temple. Several devotees participated in the utsavam and received the blessings of Azhwars, Acharyas and the Divya Dampathis.

For previous day’s utsavam, please visit Srivilliputtur Sri Andal Rangamannar Serthi: Thiruadhyayana Utsavam Pagal Pathu Day 1

The following are some of the photographs and video taken on the occasion…

Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_00 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_01 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_02 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_03 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_04 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_05 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_06 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_07 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_08 Srivilliputtur_Adyayana utsavam_09

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