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Thiruvallur Sri Veeraraghava Perumal Temple Irapathu Utsavam Day 8


Today, January 18th 2014; Vijaya Varusham Thai Aailyam, is the 8th day of Irappathu utsavam  at Sri Veeraraghava Perumal Temple, Thiruvallur. Perumal Purappadu took place inside the ul prakaram, many bhaagavathas took part in the purappadu. A Lot of astikas had blessings of Perumal during the 8th day of Irappathu utsavam.

For  previous Rappathu utsavams :

The following are some of the photographs taken today during Purappadu…

Thiruvallur_Irapathu-00 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-02 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-03 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-04 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-05 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-06 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-07 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-09 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-10 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-11 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-12 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-15 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-16 Thiruvallur_Irapathu-17
Photography : Sri Sathish P

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