Nagasayanam Prathishtai at Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalan Sannadhi


Mannargudi_Kolattam_00With the contribution of Aastikaas, the gold plating work for the copper Naaga Sayanam of Santhana Gopalan at Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalan Sannadhi has been completed.The Prathishtapanam of Naga Sayanam for the Santhan Gopalan will take place according to Paancharaathra Aagama on 20th of holy month Thai corresponding to sunday, February 2, 2014 between 7 A.M and 10 AM. All Aasthikas are invited for the prathistaapanam to get the blessings of Santhana Gopalan and Raaja gopalan.

For the Kaingaryam Appeal for  Mannargudi Santana Gopalan’s Adiseshan can be seen here : Kainkaryam for Mannargudi Santana Gopalan’s Adiseshan Lot of Astikas has done their yathasakthi sambhavanai for this kaingaryam.

Mannargudi-Adiseshan_New1 Mannargudi-Adiseshan_New2

Courtesy : Sri Hari Ram

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