Bindiganavile Rathotsavam and Utsavam Schedule 2014-15



Rathotsavam is scheduled to take place at Bindiganavile Sri Prasanna Channakeshava Swamy Temple, Karnataka between  February 6-17, 2014. The temple is famous for Lord Vynatheya as Garuda is in the form of Archamoorthy at this temple of Sri Channakeshava and Sowmyanayaki Thayar.

The following is the Rathotsavam pathrigai and the detailed schedule of events for the year 2014-15…

Bindiganavile Pathrigai-00 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-01 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-02 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-03 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-04 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-05 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-06 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-07 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-08 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-09 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-10 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-11 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-12 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-13 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-14 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-15 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-16 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-17 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-18 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-19 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-20 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-21 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-22 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-23 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-24 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-25 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-26 Bindiganavile Pathrigai-27

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