Thiruvahindrapuram Sri Devanathan Perumal Temple Sri Rama Navami Utsavam Day 6 & 7



On 5 April 2014, Vijaya Varusha Panguni Mirugaseerusham; is day 6 of  Sri Rama Navami Utsavam  at Sri Devanathan Perumal Temple, Thiruvahindrapuram.  In the morning Thirumanjanam was performed for Sri Seetha, Lakshmana , Anjaneya Sametha Sri Ramar, Later they gave a Scintillating darsahan to the devotees. On day 7 of the Utsavam Perumal gave darshan with excellent alankaram. Lot of astikas took part  in the day 7 & 8 of the utsavam and had the blessings of  Divya dampatis.

For Previous Day Utsavam :

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion..

Day 6 Of Sri Rama Navami Utsavam

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Day 7 Of Sri Rama Navami Utsavam

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Photography : Sri Venugopal

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  1. Missed this year Ramanavami. But because of Anudinam, i am able to see Ayindai Chakravarthi Thirumagan…. Eager to see remaining day pics os Sriramanavami Utsavam.


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