CD Release: Yaksha Prashnam By Sri U.Ve. Karunakarachariar Swami


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“Yaksha Prashnam”  has been one of the most celebrated recent Upanyasams of Sri U.Ve Karunakarachariar Swamy. Thousands of copies of this excellent Upanyasam have been obtained by Asthikas ​ over the last years and is most demanded even today​. The Upanyasam was organised by Malleswaram Desika Sabha in three phases during 2008, 2009 and 2010. The Sabha was very thoughtful to have recorded this great discourse for posterity. However, over passage of time, part of the recordings in their Archives was lost and hence the Audio DVD was released without some of the files.  The fact that the discourse sounded ​very ​complete despite these missing files talks about the fabulous content and quality of the rendering.

Fortunately, a copy of the original recordings had been preserved by Smt and Sri VR Sudershan of Bangalore. With special thanks to them, V FIVE SEVA TRUST announces the availability of the missing files and thus a full version of YAKSHA PRASHNAM. Asthikas who have obtained the AUDIO DVD before can write to  to obtain the missing files. A link to download the missing files will be sent to them shortly.  Those who prefer to get a CD of the missing files (about 7 hours of discourse) can send their address ​ and contact details to the same email id and the CD of the missing files can be sent to them at a nominal cost to cover the cost of packing and courier.

V FIVE SEVA Trust also make an earnest appeal to Asthikas who may have old recordings of Upanyasams by Sri U.Ve  Karunakarachariar  Swamy to share it with them for remastering and making them available to the public. Recordings of his discourses on  Mahabharatham, Bhagavad Giita, which were rendered in the last decades may be available with private collectors. These discourses were rendered to devout audiences and most listeners of those days claim that they were amazing in their depth and expanse.  They were very detailed as the current pace of modern life had not crept in. Asthikas who posses Swamy’s upanyasams can write to to share the treasures. Costs involved such as courier expenses etc will be taken care of by the Patrons.

Other CDs of Swamy and books can be obtained by writing to Details can also be seen in

yaksha prashnam

Information by Sri N Ananthanarayana

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