Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswamy Theppotsavam


Mannargudi Theppotsavam_19

Sri Krishna Theertha Theppam took place in a grand manner at Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Mannargudi on April 17, 2014. Sri Rajagopalan alongwith Ubhaya Nachiyars, in beautiful alankaram, had purappadu on Theppam in Krishna Theertham in the evening. Several devotees participated in the utsavam and received the blessings of the Divya Dampathis.

The following are some of the related photographs…

Mannargudi Theppotsavam_01 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_03 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_07 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_11Mannargudi Theppotsavam_05 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_16 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_17 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_18 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_19 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_20 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_21 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_22 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_25 Mannargudi Theppotsavam_26

Photography by Sri Sriraman

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