Villivakkam Sri Sowmya Damodara Perumal Vaikasi Brahmotsavam Concludes


Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_01

The 10-day Vaikasi Brahmotsavam at Villivakkam Sri Sowmya Damodara Perumal concluded on May 29, 2014; Jaya Varusha Vaikasi Rohini. On the concluding day, at around 3 pm Dwadasa Aradanam was performed. Perumal, Thayar, Andal, Ramar, Krishnar and all the Azhwars arrive at  Perumal Sannidhi (Ezhundarulal), where Dwadasa Aradanam was performed. Divya Prabanda Goshti was also performed. At around 6 pm, Satrumurai Theertha Prasadam was distributed all the Goshtiars and Bakthas. At around 7.30 pm, Perumal Thiruveedhi Purapadu in “Chandra Prabha”  Vahanam took place. At 7.30 pm, Divya Prabanda Goshti Thodakkam took place at Nalukal Mandapam. At Thirumbukal at 9 pm, Divya Prabanda Goshti Satrumurai was performed at Nalukal Mandapam. At 9.30 pm, Perumal returned to the Asthanam.

The following are some of the related photographs taken on the concluding day…

Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_01 Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_03 Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_04 Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_06 Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_07 Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_10 Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_11 Villivakkam Brahmotsavam_13

Photography by Sri Uppili Srinivasan

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