Adaikkalapathu: Pasuram 3


Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal Kovil Aani Garudan and Periyazhwar Thirunakshatram 2014 18



I meditate on the glorious attribute of Varadaraajan, who blesses all without discrimination,when they perform prapatthi unto Him. These are the virtuous ones, who understand the difficulties of practicing Bhakthi yOgam and understand well
the equal qualifications of all to perform prapatthi to gain the boon of Moksham. They do not seek any other means than prapatthi and observe their varNaasrama dharmams without slipping. They utter thereafter the prapatthi manthram (svanishtai) or follow the utterances of their Achaaryaas (ukthi Nishtai) and perform their prapatthi to the Lord, who accepts it with joy and rewards them with the boon of mOksham.


Here the Vaibhavam of the Svabhaavam of Lord Varadaraajan is hailed as SaraNaagatha rakshakan. Swamy Desikan declares that he does not know of any thing mightier than the souseelyam of Lord Varadaraajan, which propels Him to grant Moksha Sukham to anyone, who seek His sacred feet as the protective object (Rakshaka vasthu). Souseelyam derives from the pre-eminent “Seela” guNam of the Lord of Atthigiri, which makes Him mingle even with the lowliest one inspite of His supremely exalted status. The glories of those, who perform SaraNaagathy at Lord Varadaraajan’s auspicious feet are described as “antharam kaNDu, vERu tanthirangaL inRi, tamathu vazhi azhiyaathu, manthirangaL tammaalum, maRRum uLa urayaalum adi paNivaar”. These knowledgeable ones performing SaraNaagathy are clear about the differences between Bhakthi and Prapatthi yOgam as the means for Moksham (antharam kaNDu). They do not seek means other than Prapatthi (vERu tanthirangaL inRi). They do not swerve from their VarNaasrama dharmams(Tamathu vazhi azhiyaathu). They use as their guide the Veda Manthrams (ManthirangaL tammaalum) and the Sri Sookthis of Poorvaachaaryaas (maRRum uLa urayaalum). With the benefit of this anushtaanam and Jn~aanam, they perform prapatthi at the lotus feet of the Lord of Atthi Giri and gain Moksha Siddhi.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

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