The Tamil Month of Aavani

Avani is the fifth month in the Tamil calendar. It goes by the Sanskrit name Simha masam or Shravana .This year it falls between 17th August and September 16th of the English calendar. On the  third day of Avani, 19th August, shishyas of Sri Ahobila Muth will be celebrating Sri Jayanthi in their houses. Krishna will be leaving  His footprints in every house and hut and enjoy the variety of bhakshanams, butter, fruits, milk and curds in plenty. Lest  He gets indigestion sukku vellam will help. Again Munitraya SriJayanthi will be celebrated on September 15th.
Another important date to note is Avani Hastham, the avatharadinam of Ramanuja Daya patram thaniyan. Avani Hastham (August 29th) is the avatharadinam of Mukkur Srimadh Azhaghiasingar, the 44th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Muth who built the majestic SriRangam Rajagopuram which has become the emblem of SriRangam.  AvaniSravanam (Sept 6th) is the Tirunakshatram of  Vidhya murthi Sri Hayagreeva Perumal.  Worship Hayagreeva at the nearby temple or at home by chanting Swami Desikan’s Sri Hayagreeva Stotram. Cardamon (yellakai) garlands can be offered to Hayagriva. The important dates are listed below::
  • August 17th- Avani Masa pirappu
  • August 19th-Ahobila Muth Pancharatra Sri Jayanthi
  • August 21st- Sarva Ekadashi
  • August 25th -Amavasyai
  • August 29th- Avani Hastham- Ramanuja dayapatram avatharadinam, 44th Srimadh Azhagiasingar Tirunakshatram. Sama Upakarma
  • Sept 5th-Ekadashi
  • Sept 6th- Hayagriva Jayanthi
  • Sept 9th- Chathurmasyam concludes-Utthanam
  • Sept 9th- Mahalya paksham begins(1Oth sept- 22nd September)
  • Sept-13th- MahaBharani
  • Sept-15th- Munithraya Sri Jayanthi, Nayanararchariar Tirunakshatram
  • Sept-16th -Madhyashtami

Writeup By : Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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