Thirukandiyur Harasaapavimochana Perumal Temple Jaya Varusha Pavithrotsava Patrikai


Thirukandiyur-Harasaapavimochana-Perumal-Temple6Jaya Varusha (Annual)  pavithrosthsavam   of Sri Kamalavalli Sametha Sri Harasaapa Vimochana Perumal Temple  is  taking place from 23 August 2014 until 28 August, 2014 at Thirukandiyur .  The mahapoornahuti will take place on last day of Pavithrotsavam after  Perumal  purappadu  in Garuda Sevai. This divya desam is located about 11kms from Thanjavur on the road to Thiruvayaru. All astikas are invited to attend the pavitrotsavam and get the blessings of Divyadampatis…

The schedule of event is given in the patrikai

IMG IMG_0001  IMG_0003

Courtesy : Sri Rangarajan CR

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