Kolam/ Rangoli Set – 4


This following are some the Kolam/ Rangoli  patters used during Margazhi and during other festivals. 

We request our readers to send us your collection of Kolam/ Rangoli to be published in anudinam.  Kolams can be mailed to: srivaishnavanews@gmail.com

Previous Set can be accessed from the following link:

Srivaishnava Kolam_1 Srivaishnava Kolam_2 Srivaishnava Kolam_3 Srivaishnava Kolam_4 Srivaishnava Kolam_5 Srivaishnava Kolam_6 Srivaishnava Kolam_7 Srivaishnava Kolam_8 Srivaishnava Kolam_9 Srivaishnava Kolam_10 Srivaishnava Kolam_11 Srivaishnava Kolam_12 Srivaishnava Kolam_13 Srivaishnava Kolam_14

Contributed by: Smt Chandra Rangarajan

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