Sadhu Dharisanam


Srivaishnava YathisSadhu Dharisanam articles tells the significance of being in the shadows of Sadhus. In this world many does good deeds (Punyam) in different ways. Many does Sathkaryams by conducting Yagams, Homams. Some gives  importance for digging well, helping in construction and renovation of temples. Several  others goes for Pilgrimage ( Theertha Yathirai)  as they think its only way that gives good deeds. Large number of people  help by feeding the poor.  Very few always think of bhagavan and keep thinking of him with tears. These bhaagavathas always converse with Sadhus who immerse in bhagavan leelai all the time. They live  thinking that getting the grace and blessings of these great sadhus is Dharma. Likewise there are many  different ways people do Sathkaryams in the world. Out of all this the last said Sadhu Dharisanam is most predominant and nothing is equal to that. It gives all the fruitfullness such as Healthy life, Wealth and Moksham, This is clearly mentioned in detail in Smruthi Ithihasa puranas. The Author finally tells a small story  of how Narada Maharishi narrates the siginificane of Sadhu dharishanam by real incidence, when one of the Sadhu research on finding which Sathkaryam is the best in the world.

Sadhu Darisanam-1Srimad Paravakottai andavan with Therazhundur andavan and Mukkur AzhagiyasingarThennacharya Jeeyars Sadhu Darisanam-2Praying at river Sadhu Darisanam-3Sethukarai Sadhu Darisanam-4Snake eating FrogDog & parrot Sadhu Darisanam-5Tiger &  Calf Sadhu Darisanam-6

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