Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 21


SVDD Sri ANdal 9/1/2015 was the day the 25th pasuram of Tiruppavai,”Orutthi magannai” and at Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani Mandapam Ubha Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar  swami treated us to a scintillating discourse on” Tiruppavai and Tirunedunthandakam”.Vedas, Ithihasams, Puranams and acharya’s divya sukthis  tell us about  the “laghu upayam”(simple means) of saranagathi.After atma samarpanam is done moksham is certain after this life is over. Mahavishvasam (absolute faith) is necessary. After prappathi we can seek gnanam, bhakthi and kainkaryam.The post prappathi period should be spent in kalakshepam. Kalakshepa adhikaris should spend time in enlightening more and more people and impart gnanam till the last days of their life. In the 25th pasuram Andal uses the word “orruthi”for the two special mothers Devaki and Yashoda. Taking avatharam as Devaki’s son ,the same night He becomes Yashoda’s son. Unique mothers, unique night   (saw the avatharam of Krishna happen) and unique Yamuna. In Ramavatharam Kousalya observed vrathams (fasts) and bore four sons. In Krishnavatharam four people observed vrathams to beget Parabrahmam as their son. Devaki and Vasudeva, Yashoda and Nandagopan got sarveshwaran as their son. Andal like Her father does not want to take names fearing that Kamsa would come to know and harm Krishna. Although Dwaparayugam was over . Andal’s involvement is such that She feels that Krishna Leela is happening then. Periazhwar calls Perumal as   the uttaman born on the tenth day after Hastham (Sravana nakshatram is talked about in an indirect way). Krishna showed His adbhutha (amazing) chaturbhuja roopam to Devaki and Vasudeva but out of maternal love she asked Him to become a normal baby. This roopam is sought after by azhwars and Devaki did not want it. Krishna grew in hiding. Kamsa spent all his life thinking about his death at Krishna’s hands and that is what he got.


In the pasuram Krishna asks Andal and Her goshti why they have come? Andal says outwardly we have observed the pavai nonbu for the sake of rains and this has the approval of the elders but what we seek is You. As we chant Your  names and sing Your  glories our sharira tapams go. Kainkaryam is our goal. Swami Desikan in Srimad Rahasyatrayasaram says that we are born in ashtaksharam and grow in dwayam. Understanding that the atma belongs to Him and returning it to Him is the right thing to do. We should know ourselves by ashtaksharam and offer our soul at His Feet with dwayam. Charama shlokam is “vidhi vaakhyam”(commandment) Swami Desikan says that ashtaksharam is like a small mirror which captures a big form. Ashtaksharam reveals atma swaroopam (the nature of the atma)upayam is shown by dwayam and charama slokam tells us how to go about it. Sriman Narayana’s Feet is our goal .purushartham is divya dampathis. Kalakshepams remove our sharira branthi and clear our doubts. Uninteruppted kainkaryam to Perumal/Piratti and bhaghavathas is not fully possible on earth but a prappan enjoys this status in Srivaikuntam. This is the message conveyed in this wonderful pasuram.

Swami then took up pasuram-6 of Tirunedunthandakam.  In Pasurams1-4 Tirumangaiazhwar describes Perumal through the eyes of sastras. Sarveshwaran knew how eager Tirumangaiazhwar was to see Him. The question arises ”Who can see Bhaghavan?” Swami Desikan in Tatparya Chandrika a commentary on Bhaghavadh Ramanuja’s Geetha bashyam” says that a prappanan should live happily doing adhythama vidya do vedantha vicharam without developing vidhya garvam(pride). Tirumangaiazhwar gets ashtakshara mantra upadesham from Perumal Himself. Perumal wants to show Himself to Tirumangaiazhwar so He calls azhwar  to  Tirukovalur .Tirukovalur is full of fertile green fields, the river Pennar flows near by and Trivikrama rules. Tirumangaiazhwar asks “did Mahabali actually give three steps?” Surely not for obviously he was not owner of all lokams. Mahabali bends his  head  in shame admitting that he was unable to fulfil his promise. The reference to Poigai veli recalls the incident of the “Mudhal azhwars” “Poigai, Bhutham and Pey azhwars  meeting at Mrkandu maharishi’s dehali (corridor) .Each azhwar described their experience which resulted in beautiful pasurams. Tirumangaiazhwar says Perumal the bestower of the four purusharthams-dharmam, artham, kamam amd moksham yet He condescended to beg from Mahabali and give him the pride of having given alms to Perumal Himself.

The young short Brahmacharin arrives at the yaaga site of Mahabali. Mahabali asks him-Who are You Brahmana child ?

Vamana- Apoorva: (A rare Being)

Mahabali- Where do you live?

Vamana- In complete Brahma shristi( The entire cosmos) Mahabali thinks poor boy He is homeless.

Mahabali- Who is your father?

Vamana- Never seen him. Mahabali thinks poor boy He is fatherless. Little did he realize that He takes avatharam by His choice.

Mahabali-Who is your guardian?

Vamana- I am an orphan. Actually there is no Tatvam above Him.

Sarveshvara Tathvam comes down to beg and makes a “vallal “(bounteous  giver) of Mahabali. Vallal is one who keep giving till it hurts. Tirumangaiazhwar says “Praise Him alone” do not create poetry for alpha phalam( small benefits). The residents of Tirukovalur are not interested in the lustrous pearls on the seashore. Trivikrama  is their Purushartham(wealth). Promises should be kept .One should not ask back what has been given and should not go back on his words. Perumal alone qualifies in all these respects. He has the name “Achyuthan” which means “One who will not let us down”. He protects a saranagathan at all costs. When Seetha asks Rama why He promised to kill the rakshasas who did not confront Him directly, Rama said He would never forsake a saranagathan . The saranagathi done by the rishis would be honoured  at all costs.

“Amara vendhan “(God   of gods)  Perumal with arms reaching till His knees is the only One who can give. Those who do not seek returns and do kainkaryam (service) happily are also amara vendhan. Azhwar goes on to elaborate that He gives not only to those close to Him but also to those who are far away. For example Draupadhi called out to Him in distress and He sent continuous stream of sarees. Say “saranam”( surrender) and He rushes down to the spot says swami Desikan in “Rahasyatrayasaram” When Vibheeshana crosses the sea and comes to Him, Sugreeva is apprehensive about accepting him as he was Ravana’s brother. SriRama tells Him that Vibheeshana’s  coming is like Ganga falling on the head of a lame man. Rama says” Sakrudeva prappanaya tavasmi cha yaachathe, Abhayam sarva bhuthebhya:  dadham yethath  vratham mama. “It  is my Promise to protect a saranagathan” says Rama

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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