Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 31


Thiruvallur-Thirumangai-Azhwar Tirunedunthandakam-Pasuram-11 and 12

20/1/2015 was day-31 of Ubha. Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami’s upanyasam at Tirukudanthai  Andavan  Manimandapam Srirangam. The upanyasam takes place between 5.00p.m. and 6.00p.m. usually. The 11th pasuram of Tiruneduntandakam was continued. Swami began by saying that Tirumangaiazhwar was the only azhwar who wrote” madals”( Tamil poetic proclamations of love).In the 11th pasuram of Tirunedunthandakam Parakala nayaki (Tirumangaiazhwar) is in the condition of Parankusa nayaki ( Nammazhwar) The mother of this nayaki talks about her love-lorn daughter’s condition. She does not get sleep and keeps thinking of Ranganatha all the time. She dresses up in silks for Him and refuses to play with toys. Tears flow continuously   from her eyes and she doesn’t lie down on her mother’s lap. She doesn’t answer her mother’s questions and keeps  asking  ”where is Tiruvarangam?” At that point of time a kattuvicchi (gypsy) passes by and the worried mother calls her to find out the cause of her daughter’s agony. A kuratthi (gypsy) plays an important role during Srinivasa Kalyanam wherein she predicts Padmavathi’s future. Gypsies are soothsayers who speak the truth. They are nature’s children and are earthy to look at. The gypsy of Tirumangaiazhwar’s “Siriya Tirumadal”   has thick, long , hair which is rolled thrice in a bun. She carries a bundle which she uses to predict the future. She comes singing “Atthi mala(Hasthigiri), Azhaghar malai(Tirumalirumcholai), Venkata malai(Tirumalai)”(She is a vaishnava gypsy). The gypsy sits down and asks for lentils and paddy to make offering to her aradhya devatha. After throwing up some paddy in the air she picks up the moram (winnowing fan) and waves it to remove the chaff from the rice. She is ready to make her predictions. She analyses the girl’s condition and says that The One with the bluish hue of the ocean is the cause of her behaviour. Usually a gypsy suggests remedies and prescribes medicines    for illnesses both physical and mental but in this case she is helpless and only Perumal can cure her illness.

Swami went on to explain that the gypsy’s waving of the moram (winnowing fan) represents the removal of shudra devathas and establishment of Paratatvam. In “Sampradhaya Parishuddhi” swami Desikan says that a guru should accept someone as shishyan only after examining him but suppose there is someone who has come from a far-off place and has a fixed period for studying the guru should impart   knowledge  atonce. The kattuvicchi (gypsy) is like Ramanujacharya, like Geethacharyan.Udayavar went 18 times to Tirukoshtiyur to get  the meaning of charamaslokam from Tirukoshtiyur Nambi. The vidvans of Tirukoshtiyur requested Ramanujacharya to share the vishesharthams with them. When Tirukoshtiyur Nambi asked Udayavar not to tell the meaning to others he meant not to tell “apatrams”( underserving ).It can be shared with Srivaishnavas with swaroopa gnanam. Ramanuja went to the top of the gopuram as sastras decry that a guru should do upadesham from a higher level than the  shishyas .In the 2nd chapter verse 7 of Bhaghavad- Geetha beginning “karpanya dosho…..bruhi tanme” Arjuna  tells Krishna “I am your disciple , tell me what is good for me .”Krishna immediately tells him the Geetha the gist of which is” madharpanam”(offer everything to Me). Dedicate every action and the ensuing results at My Feet. Acharyas give vishesharthams to sadhshishyas like a cow secretes milk continuously for the new-born calf.

Swami then did a reading of the 12th pasuram    beginning  ”Nenjurrughi.” Perumal alone is Purushan, we are all stris (women) .That is we are all dependant on Him. He is our “Sarvaswami”. We think we are independent and end up doing things against His wishes. Actions should be done for His preethi. The girl in this pasuram cannot bear separation from Him. Her eyes are tired and she has no hunger, she is oblivious to what is happening around her. Her indhiriyas are not under her control and she suddenly bursts into song. On having darshanam of Ranganathan or Aravamudhan the heart melts. The apoorva saundaryam of Periya Perumal mesmerizes us. The girl mentioned in this pasuram has tear-filled eyes ,   she stares into thin air takes deep breaths and does not get sleep. Her mother laments that ever since her daughter had archanubhavam she has not seen her sleep, she does not eat either. Lakshmana who served  Seetha-Rama for fourteen years never felt hungry, nor sleepy. Kainkaryam was his only goal and when Rama Pattabhishekam took place and many came to take up kainkaryams   Lakshmana felt sad he had to share kainkaryams. The girl is haunted by the thoughts of Meghashyamalan (One who is dark like the clouds).His blue colour reminds her of the ocean. The ocean takes her to the ocean of milk-Ksheerabdhi where Perumal lies   on the coiled bed of serpents. Tirumangaiazhwar remembers the Perumal of his native place “Vayalali Manavalan” who adorns perfumed flowers grown in Tiruvali Tirunagari. The girl longs to have His darshan on Garudavahanam with the flag of Garuda flying high in the wind making a dhwani (sound).   She shares her anubhavam with her friend and invites her to join her.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan



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