An Appeal For Construction of Spiritual Center at Elanagar


Elanagar Temple

An Appeal for Donation towards Construction of Spiritual Center at Elanagar

(Bala Nagar in Sanskrit) in Tamil Nadu, INDIA

   Thirumalai Thiruvenkatamudaiyan has been protecting all living beings on earth as Deity in the present era, called Kali. We get to know about the Greatness and miracles of Thirumalai Srinivasa Perumal not only from mythologies including the history of certain Holy Places (Sthala Puranam), Holy Verses by Sri Vaishnavite Saints like Azhwars, Acharyas but also from benefits that we get out of direct Divine Experiences in life. From the Greatness of Thirupathi (Thirupathi Mahathmyam) we come to know about Tirumalai Nambigal who devoted himself fully for service to Tiruvenkatamudaiyan by giving up the connections in the mundane life. Gaddam Thatha Desikan in the lineage of Thirumalai Nambigal followed the footsteps of his ancestors in letter and spirit by serving the Lord Thiruvenkatamudaiyan with total surrender. After seven years, the Lord Thiruvenkatamudaiyan appeared before Gaddam Thatha Desikan and told him to construct a temple for Him in five places for which the Lord Thiruvenkatamudaiyan said that He would give one hundredth of His Power to him.

As per the Holy Words of the Lord, Geddam Thatha Desikan with the assistance of his five sons constructed a temple in each of the five places namely (1) Elanagar, (2) Paiyur, (3) Vilan Kuppam, (4) Natteri and (5) Karumbur. The Greatness of Sri Srinivasa Perumal in these five places cannot be just estimated. Through hearsay information and also through generation after generation of residents in these places we get to know the Divine Power of the Lord.

The village called Elanagar (in Sanskrit, Bala Nagar) is in Uthiramerur Taluk in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu in India. It is located around 100 kilometers away from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. To be exact, it is 25 kilometers from Kanchipuram leading to Vandavasi. Elanagar is at the midpoint of triangle connecting Kancheepuram (where traditional orthodox scholars meet to discuss about Spirituality) on the northern side, Uthiramerur (which is of archaeological importance) on the eastern side and Vandavasi (which is of historical importance) on the southern side. This place is called Elanagar because there is no rival and it is near Perunagar which has been inhabited by the Vedic Scholars like Gaddam, Madapushi (Madapusi – Poundarikapuram, Nelvoi), Nallan Chakravarthy (Gadhadarapuram, Thingaloor, Vuruputoor), Mudumbai, Potheriyar and Pillanjiyar all of whom had settled there in the earlier century (1212 A.D.) with Divine Grace and Blessings of the Lord.

For the past 50 years or so, Sri Vaishnavites for the sake of their livelihood have been leaving this ancient Divine village called Elanagar (ILANAGAR) to various cities across the globe. As they find it extremely difficult to maintain their ancestral property in such trying circumstances, they have no other option but to leave their places of residence rather reluctantly. By the Grace of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, it has been decided to renovate the damaged temples in and around Elanagar village. There are about 20 or more villages around Elanagar. Among them are Perunagar, Melpakkam, Azhisore, Athi, Aakkur, Kozhiaalam, Visoor, Sothiyambakkam, Velianallur, Ravatha Nallur, Melmaa, Malayangkulam etc are notable ones.

A special feature of Elanagar is that it is the village where seven Azhagiya Singers (to be exact 10th, 22nd, 25th, 26th, 27th, 30th and 38th Chiefs of the Ahobila Mutt) were born. Pillaipakkam Srimad Azhagiya Singer’s Holy Mother Kanakavalli Ammal was the daughter of Elanagar Thirumalai Geddam Srinivasa Tatachariyar. So Pillaipakkam Srimad Azhagiya Singer is the Grandson (born to the daughter) of Elanagar village. Aakur Andavan, Velianallur Srimad Andavan and Kozhialam Swamighal are pretty close to Elanagar village. Moreover, many more great Spititual Teachers, Saints and Seers have been born at Elanagar and adjoining ancient villages. They have been propagating Sri Vaishnava Philosophy and Sri Vishnu’s Great Miracles in many different ways.

For the benefit of Lord Sri Vishnu’s devotees who wish to worship Lord Sri Vishnu in temples located in and around Elanagar by staying free of cost for two days or so and sing the Glory of Lord Sri Vishnu as Bhajans, deliver discourses (Upanyasams), chant the Vedas and Divya Prabhandam etc., it is decided to construct a building in a plot of 2091 square feet at Elanagar. The plot was purchased on 11th September 2013 under the name of “Elanagar Mahaneeya Acharya Purushas Seva Trust (Registered)”.

On the plot mentioned above, to carry out the Divine activities such as the ones aforementioned, a building of 1014 square feet with steps, water tank, floor, septic tank, compound wall, bore well, electric wiring, painting work, bath room, toilet etc is planned to be constructed. The estimated cost for constructing this building is around 21 lakhs. Contributions are solicited for this from devotees who may give cheque or demand draft drawn in favor of “Emaps Trust” or “Elanagar Mahaneeya Acharya Purushas Seva Trust (Regd.)” at No.7B/15, Ramanujam Street, Srinivasa Nagar, Chennai 600 063, Tamil Nadu, India.

E-mail  :

Mobile  +91 97890 11991

Bankers: Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Perungalathur Branch, 35/18, Kamaraj High Road,

New Perungalathur, Chennai 600 063, Tamil Nadu, India. .

Savings Bank a/c No. 0550301000016761  IFSC code: LAVB0000550.

 Note: It is a Public Religious Trust registered u/s 12AA only

Courtesy : Sri Vijayaraghava Thatha Dasan

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