Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 47


Thirumangai Azhwar Therazhundur


On 28/2/2015 Pasuram-25 was taken up by Ubha. Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam Srirangam. Perumal attracts us by His saundaryam(beauty) His alamkaram and ornaments.We become His slave.  Upanishads, Itihasams, Puranams, azhwar-acharya divya-sukthis make it clear that we exist  for Him very much like sandal-paste and flowers. Even a glimpse of His Divine Form leave us thinking of Him. Much after Garuda-sevai is over He exists in our thoughts. Tirumangaiazhwar’s premai (unconditional love) for Perumal is amazing. He alone composed “Madals” Parakala nayaki who has experienced His Tirumeni saundaryam and different sevais in her dream is unable to put up with separation and melts away. In this context swami refered to an incident that happened in king Vikrama Chozhan’s court. There was a contest between two poets on the portrayal of “viraha-taapam”. One was a Shaiva siddhantha poet and the other a Vaishnava siddhantha poet. The Shaiva siddhantha poet talks about Parvathi who is separated from Shiva.She experiences viraha-taapam and says”He thrives on bones and ashes meaning that the burial-ground is where he dwells. “The vaishnava poet takes up this pasuram of Parakala nayaki who laments her separation from Perumal who she describes Him as the One who has Tiru(Sri) on His Tirumeni” On hearing a nayaki praise her Nayakan even when she is experiencing sorrow the king concludes that Parakala nayaki is greater.

Perumal attracts us by revealing His Adbhutha Saundaryam. When archakas hold the camphor light before Him, focus on His various jewels and describe them we watch in full attention. He needs no ornaments to beautify Him but He wears what His devotees offer Him with love and they befit Him in all ways. During NamPerumal ‘kaithala sevai’ archakas hold Him up for us to see and turn Him around so that we can enjoy Him from all angles. Parakala nayaki sees Him in her dream with the shanku and chakram resting beautifully on two of His Hands and even as she is admiring Him He vanishes .Perumal does not clutch the panchayudhams (the five weapons), they rest on His Hands like ornaments.Parakala nayaki says His Tirumeni is like a spark of ligtning .It is lustrous, and is Shuddha satvam.He is ever fresh (no tiredness), has no fear and no anger.What about His running away from Kalayavana and Jarasandha, was this not fear? No this was just pretense. Again did He not get angry with Ravana when Hanuman was wounded by him? This anger was caused by His love for His bhakthan. Parakala nayaki sees Periya Perumal in her dream and has anubhavam of His sampoorna kalyanagunams. He has bhuja balam ( strong shoulders) to protect His devotees. He delegates His work to Vishvaksena. All 14 lokams (worlds) are His. When Arjuna has His vishvaroopadarshanam Arjuna realizes His greatness and regrets having called Him as ‘hey Krishna, hey  yadava and hey friend!’ His hands are always ready for rakshanam (protection) and to embrace His devotees and the same hands have the power to do samharam (kill) enemies like Kuvalyapeedam. His Feet are red, so also His hands, eyes and lips. The Tulasi garland He wears have a special perfume and are ever fresh . His dangling makara kundalams feel jealous of the Tulasi malai because every devotee seeks Tulasi as prasadam. The beautiful alligator-shaped earrings and the Tulasi garland sported by Him made me lose control of my senses says Parakala nayaki. My bangles got lost as they slipped away unnoticed as I was lost in His thoughts. He made me His slave. When Perumal loves someone He robs them of their possessions, He removes all the obstacles that stand between the jeevatma and Him. Parakala nayaki says He went away saying ‘Punalarangam’ is my dwelling place, it is filled with Punnai trees and lies between the water-filled Kaveri on both sides. Why is He praising Srirangam so much? Is it to make Parakala nayaki eager to go to Srirangam or is it because of His pride for Srirangam? Again Parakala nayaki describes the way from Tiruvali Tirunagari to Srirangam as being filled with green trees. How did these trees grow ? According to Bhattar The One who came to Tiruvali Tirunagari to conquer Parakala nayaki was ‘Kalamegham’ Kalamegham is Perumal and it also refers to black rain-bearing clouds.Perumal went from Tiruvali Tirunagari to Srirangam showering the place with His ‘krupa-theertham'(waters of mercy). So it was groves and greenery all the way. The One with ‘Tiru'(Sri) in His Tirumeni made prosperous all the spots where His/Her kataksham(glances) fell. The highlight of this pasuram is the nature of the nayaki who praises Her Nayakan and talks about Him in glowing terms even whilst experiencing viraha-taapam (pangs of separation).

Writeup & Video by : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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