Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 4


Thiruppanazhwar Uraiyur 1

Amalanadhipiran day 4

Amalanadipiran- Pasuram1(continued)

8th March was the 4th day of Ubha. Ve. Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumara Tatachariyar’s(Pudukkotai Vasudevan)mupanyasam on Amlanadipiran at his residence in Srirangam.Mokshapradathvam(confering moksham) and sarvakaaranatvam(The supreme Cause) and Sampoornagnanatvam are some of His kalyanagunams.Though mukthas and nityas are full of gnanam too it has been given to them by Perumal whereas His gnanam is svabhavikam(natural).

Vinnavar kon is the next kalyana gunam refered to by Tiruppanazhwar. Vinnavar means Nityasuris who are always with Him in Srivaikuntam. He is their master too. Vedas are unable to describe Him. Can we even get near such a powerful being? Yes that is His greatness. Sausheelyam or Naermai as it is called in Tamil is His affability which makes Him ineract closely with everyone. He overlooks the doshams(faults) of His devotees and is untouched by them. It is Sausheelyam which makes Him come down to Tirumalai which is full of pleasing fragrances as He is sarvagandha:

He is ‘Nimalan’ which indicates His Partvam and Nirmalan shows His blemishlessness. He overlooks the faults of those who seek His ashrayam. Rama did aalinganam of Guha Perumal , Sugreeva and Hanuman. Aalinganam(embrace) was the biggest gift He could giveHanuman. If someone does something small for Him He returns it multiplied several times. At this juncture swami gave a list of who should be praised when- The guru should be praised face to face (prathyaksham),a friend should be praised in absence (paroksham),the servant should be praised after the work is completed and the son should never be praised. Praise Perumal always .Kshatrabandhu accidently chanted ‘Govinda” and was redeemed.He does adarshanam (turns a blind eye to) of the doshams(wrongs) of His bhakthas, says Swami Desikan in Daya sathakam. Parasara Bhattar in ‘Gunaratna kosam’ declares that Rama forgives when forgiveness is asked for example Kakasura but Matha Mythili(mother Mythili) forgives even the rakshashis who harassed Her,

Vinnavarkon pozhil Venkatavan-Archa roopi Perumal is Nimalan He has shrestatvam because He He steps down. In Param He exist as Uth ,in Vyuham He is Utharan and in Vibhavam He is Utthaman. No wonder Andal adresses Vamana as Utthaman.As Arjuna’s sarathi ( charioteer) ,He took his instructions and put up with his kicks(during war time there is no time to speak). Thus the two qualities of Paratvam and Saulabhyam are closely intertwined.But because He is so simple do not mistake Him for being ordinary. On earth people are a confused lot. Perumal has created 33 crores of devathas(demi-gods) and endowed them with powers. Likewise men are of different kinds: rich-poor, intelligent-dull, beautiful-ugly. As Kapilan He talks about Sankhya yogam. This is based on pangu-andha nyayam(the lame -blind coexistence). The lame man is carried by the blind man who moves as instructed by the lame man.Here the purusha is lame and prakrithi is blind. A magnet attracts iron filings and iron sticks to the magnet but when separated they exist separately.This is” Moha sastram”. Charvaakha philosophy believes that the body and the soul are one. The Mathas which do not accept Vedas can be safely pushed aside. The problem is with those mathas which accept Vedas but misrepresent them. Termed as kudrishtis they contribute to confusion. Azhwar pasurams in Tamil make clear difficult Veda vakhyams.Azhwar says Paratvam comes down to Tirumalai and further down to Srirangam makes an entry by the North Gate and resides here permanently in Srirangam surrounded by high ramparts.Uth is Vaikuntanathan, Utharan is Srinivasan and Uthaman is Ranganathan.

Ranganathan holds the senkol( the stick) indicating that He is the King of the universe. He is the uppermost limit of Seshitvam, that is He is Sarvaswami and we are the lowest limit of Seshatvam(servitors of the servitors of the servitors) He has Menmai(Paratvam) and Naermai( affability) and is nitya sevyan(worthy of worship everyday). He is Upeyam(the object to be attained) and upaayam (means).By holding on to His Feet we attain His Feet. He is upayathvam and prapyathvam. Service at His Feet is the greatest aishwaryam(wealth) Lakshmana the leader of kainkaryam is said to be “Laksmi sampannan”. When Vibhishana sought Rama’s Feet after giving up all his material possessions he is refered to as Srimaan. Kainkarya sri makes one wealthy.

His Feet are called ‘kamala padam’ – lotus Feet which are red, soft and purifying. These Great Feet have come to me in Srirangam and are visible to my naked eyes and once sighted it is difficult to remove them from Them. “Your Feet are stuck to my eyes as if they have been stitched to them” remarks Tiruppanazhwar .He is dumbstruck by the fact that the very Tiruvadis which are sought by Brahma have manifested to azhwar’s mamsa-chakshus(eyes of flesh).

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