Tamil Thalaivan Adhyabaga Vedaparayana Kaingarya Sabha Appeal

Peiyazhwar Mylapore
On the occasion of Sri Adhikesavaperumal Brahmotsavam at Sri Adhikesava perumal temple, Mylapore  from 5th April to 14th April 2015,  Tamil Thalaivan Adhyabaga Vedaparayana Kaingarya Sabha is conducting Thadeeyaradhana  for Adhyabaga , Vedaparayana Swamigal coming for the Utsavam from outstations and honouring them with Sambhavanai appropriately , at the Sabha’s office address : No.32 Kesava Perumal East Street, Mylapore, Chennai -4.  Request all astikas to attend and participate in the kaingaryam.  The Sabha has been conducting Thadeeyaradhana  over the last several years at various places like Sriperumbudur, Srivilliputhur, Alwar thirunagari, Thirunangoor apart from Mylapore during Utsavams.
Important dates :  Garudasevai – 7th April at 6.00 AM   Thiruther – 11th April at 6.30 AM.
For further details please contact
R. Srinivasan  : 9444407360
S Balajee  : 9841565505.”
Courtesy : Sri S Balajee
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  1. Kindly provide bank details for Thadiyaradanai Kainkaryam at Sriperumbudur. I could not transfer money (twice returned for incorrect bank details).


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