Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 5


Thirupaan Azhwar Thiruraiyur

Day – 5,  Pasuram -2

Amalanadhipiran day 2 pasuram

The second pasuram begins with ukaram and sings the glories of His divine Feet which measured the three worlds . Swami talked about how The Feet  touched every head in the universe and left its stamp on them. These were washed by Brahma when they were sighted in Satya lokam and the holy water was partaken with reverence by Shiva. As Vamana grew as Trivikrama  His ornaments and weapons grew accordingly. Swami Desikan in Dehalisa Stuthi paints a beautiful picture: The galaxy of stars which at first form a canopy of pearls , become His necklace as He grew, then they become His waist-band and finally His nupurams(anklets). He does anishta nivritthi (is The Remedy) and is Ishta-prapthi(The desired End). He attracted those in the opposition benches too. Surpanaka who had her nose and ears cut describes Him as “Pundareeka Vishalaksha” . Ravana realized that He was Sriman Narayana, Mandodari who had lost her husband to His arrows should have cursed Him but she sang His praises. He revealed His sarvashakthatvam (Supreme Strength) by building a bridge with boulders across the salty sea using the services of monkeys and bears. These impossible deeds should have warned Ravana that his defeat was certain. But like moths falling prey to the glowing light he walked to his own end not heeding the warnings of his brother Vibhishana, wife Mandodari or his father-in-law Malyavan.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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