Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 9


Sri Namperumal srirangam purappadu

Day-9 Pasuram-4 (contd) Amalanadhipiran by Ubha. Ve.Dr. Lakshmi Kumara Tatachariyar(Pudukkotai Vasudevan)

On  29/3/2015 Vasu swami continued with the fourth Pasuram of Tiruppanazhwar’s Amalanadipiran. While the first pasuram talks about Perumal’s upakaratvam and the second about His Sarvaswamithvam the third pasuram tells us that He creates, protects and destroys the Universe. In the fourth pasuram Tiruppanazhwar talks about His keeping the entire creation in His belly during pralayam and releasing them in the same order during Creation.

Perumal’s udhaara bhandham (waist belt) is like a crown for the stomach housing the Entire Creation. Shiva is Ravana’s aradhya deva and Brahma is the bestower of boons . This made Ravana proud as he thought he was unconquerable. The gods Agni and Vayu and Indra were scared of his might yet Rama plucked off  all his ten heads with a single arrow demonstrating that He is Adwithiya ( unparalleled).That is He has no equal to Him or anyone  above Him. His Beauty attracted devotees and opponents. Mareecha saw Him in every tree and  trembled with fear. To the aashrithas(seekers) He is like a deep ocean  (cooling). When Rama sees the rishis  with mutilated bodies in the forest His anger is aroused and He vows to destroy the rakhasas.Seetha asks Him whether this is appropriate during vanavasam. His one eye is the scorching sun while the other is the cool moon. The Eyes which are full of kindness for Prahlada are fiery for Hiranyakasipu. The big bees sing in Srirangam and peacocks dance . The honey bees refer to the numerous acharyas residing in Srirangam during Azhwar’s time and the peacock refers to Neelakanta(blue throated) Shiva with matted locks dancing in Tiruvanaikaval . Perumal ‘s stomach holds Creation in a particular order (like a set of containers which fit into one another) and are released in the same fashion during Shrist i(Creation). Perumal wants everyone to focus on His Waist bearing the scars caused by Yashoda’s tying Him up during Krishnavathara. He sports with pride the name Damodar a(dama-rope and udhara-stomach) and when we hear about His being tied up our worldly ties go. Udharabhandam illustrates His Paratva Saulabhyam. Sarvaswami due to His saulabhyam becomes accessible to bhakthas . The stomach is the middle part of His Tirumeni and represents ‘nama: ‘ shabdham of Tirumanthiram. The following pasurams deal with the shabdam”Narayana” He is indestructible, He enters into every creation and gives it a name. He resides in every particle in the universe and instigates Brahma to create. Like a wound covered with a bandage our flesh and bones are covered by a body and He dwells inside us . He is not bound by karma yet He resides in our heart in a thumb-sized form.

Writeup & Video :  Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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