Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 11


THiruppan Azhwar Thiruvallikeni


On 12/4/2015Ubha Ve.Dr. Lakshmi Kumara Tatachariyar swami took up the 5th pasuram of Amalanadipiran beginning ‘param aya’.’pazhavinai parraruttu’ refers to the papakarmas which we have accumalated through our millions of previous births. Perumal out of His paramakrupa (extreme mercy) cuts off the sanchitha karma( karma which is yet to take effect) of a prappanan. Like we store grains in a granary and store what we need on a daily basis in a container, sanchitham is the grain stored in the granary. Prarabdha is the grain stored for everyday use.It is that portion of sanchitha karma which is responsible for our present body.

For a prappanan, Perumal forgives those papams which are done ‘abhuddhipurvakam'(unknowingly) .For those papams which are done ‘buddhipurvakam'(knowingly) we have to do  prayaschitham(repentance)or prayaschitha prapatthi or undergo whatever punishment is given by Perumal. Tiruppanazhwar asks Perumal to come with Piratti  holding His shanku and chakram to save us who are ship-wrecked in the ocean of samsara. He made me His says Tiruppanazhwar by making my heart His house and takes care not to make our faults public very much in the fashion of a king who punishes his queens in the privacy of the ‘antha:puram’.  Again like a king drives away enemies Perumal removes our ahamkaram and mamakaram before making us His dasan. We are born because of our karma but He is akarmavashyan and takes avatharams out of His mercy and resides as archa in Srirangam .He is addressed as arangathamma as He is like a mother who feeds  her baby even if it bites her breasts. He is Sriya:pathi and this is revealed by the fact that She left the milky ocean to reside in His chest. The sandal -paste smeared  on His chest forms the background with beautiful flower garlands of Tulasi,Kamala(lotus) and Vaijayanthi forming a canopy. Kausthubamani is the swasthi deepam(lamp) but Bhattar finds the jewels offered by Yashoda like the tortoise and tigernail amulets and panchayudham pendant  most attractive. These are amulets and charms which a mother puts around a child’s neck to ward off dhristi dosham. Thus Tiruppanazhwar paints a beautiful picture of Ranganatha’s broad chest which forms a temple for Hiranyavarna Lakshmi with its blue and sandal background decorated with chains of gold and gems and perfumed flower garlands . This is the pasuram which talks about Sriman Narayana charanou sharanam prapadye as is denoted by ‘Adiyenai ‘

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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