Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 12


Srirangam Garuda sevai 2015

Day-12 Pasuram-6 by Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumar Tatachariyar (Pudukkottai Vasudevan)

Amalanadhipiran Pasuram 6

On Tamizh new year day Manmatha Chitra Vishu(14/4/2015) Ubha Ve. Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumara Tatachariyar took up  the 6th Pasuram of Amalanadipiran. Perumal’s ‘ Paratva-Saulabhyam’ was discussed. Paratvam is indicative of His Greatness and Saulabhyam His coming down to us. His chest has Kasthuri, Vyjayanthi, Tulasi and Kausthubham as ornaments as also the amulets tied by Yashoda. Each Divyabharanam represents a ‘Tatvam’ . The Srivatsam for instance represents ‘prakruthi’. Perumal’s ‘kantam'(Throat is talked about in this pasuram. When ‘Prakrutha Pralayam’ happens He swallows the entire Universe using Shiva as ‘upasechanam’. The presence of a half-moon on Shiva’s head indicates that he is not Poornan. When the head of Brahma stuck to his finger he sought Perumal’s help to get rid of it. Again when The Vedas were lost He incarnated as Hayagreeva and retrieved them for Brahma. He proved that He was Swami to Prajapati (Brahma) and Pasupati(Shiva). Shiva thus cannot give ‘ apavargam.'(moksham) . He is also bound by karma. This Sarvaswami resides in Srirangam resounding with the buzzing of honey-bees. Honey-bees refer to acharyas, sanyasis and Bhaghavathas and prappanas. He is Sarvakaranabhuthan(The Cause of causes). He attracts by revealing His Beautiful Form. Our eyes enjoy His ornaments, flower garlands etc, our nose enjoys the perfume of sandal-paste. He is adressed as’ amma’ in the first pasuram and as ‘appan’ here. Amma indicates His Naermai(affability) and Appan His Swamithvam(Supreme Master). His Throat did all the swallowing and every particle in the universe has association with His saliva. There are three lines on His Throat caused by the bangles of Sri, Bhu and Neela. His Throat produces the sound to command us to do kainkaryam. In the previous pasuram azhwar says “yennai”(me) but here the term “adiyen” (dasatvam) is used and this realization comes after getting Piratti sambandam. He swallowed the 14 worlds, the huge mountains and each and everything He created with His Throat and yet He has accepted me in His fold.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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