Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 15


Srirangam Namperumal 2015

 Amalanadhipiran Upanyasam by U.Ve  Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumar Tatachariyar (Pudukkottai Vasudavan) Day- 15 Pasuram-8

Amalanadhipiran Pasuram 8

On 28/4/2015Ubha.Ve. Dr S. Lakshmikumara Tatachariyar continued with the 7th pasuram of Tiruppanazhwar’s Amalanadipiraan.  After explaining the ‘aya’ part of Narayanaya as the 4th vibhakthi and comparing Perumal’s Tirumeni with a huge mountain emanating the fragrance of Tulasi and after addressing Him as amma, appa, ayyanar, He is called as ‘Ani Arangannar’ and ‘Mayanaar’. Mayaa means prakruthi and since He does ‘shrusti’ (creation). Perumal has as His shariram chetanan and achetanan. When a potter mixes water with clay the pot is in a sukshma (dormant state).  When the potter makes a pot out of the clay mixed with water  it attains a sthula (explicit) state. Ranganatha has no weapons because His is the kaaranavastha.  He is Maayan as He has extraordinary qualities. He is Mayan as ‘Ma’ (Lakshmi) resides on His Chest. He is Maayan because He attracts devotees by His adbhutha roopasaundaryam. Not only women but also men get attracted by Him. That is why azhwars assume the role of women and become nayakis (heroines). Maayanar talks about His ‘paratva saulabhyam’. On sighting His red Lips Tiruppanazhwar wonders if they are ‘bimba fruits’ or corals stuck on Him. Red indicates His ‘aashritha- vatsalyam’ (love for the surrendered) and the soft smile seems to ask “When I am there why do fall at someone’s feet?” His ‘mandhahasam’ (amused smile) captivates Tiruppnazhwar and makes him exclaim  ‘aiyyo’

In the 8th pasuram Perumal’s Eyes are described. Once we see Him and His kataksham falls on us our ahamkaram and mamakaram go away. Those Eyes bewitch everyone including His Nachimars who are unable to keep standing and sit down. These are the Eyes which make us fall at His Feet. Hiranyakshan had mamakaram and Hiranyakasipu had ahamkaram. Actually there is only one Yama but His Eyes behave like two as they make the beholder lose consciousness. Ramanujacharya calls His Eyes as ‘Pundarikam’ . What does pundarikam mean? The lotus which grows in a deep pond and has a thick stem and is thousand-petalled is called Pundarikam. Such then are His Eyes which stretch uptil His ears and captures everyone.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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