Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 20


Sri Ranganatha Srirangam

Amalanadhipiran Pasuram by Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumar Tatachariyar (Pudukkottai Vasudavan) Day-20 Pasuram-10
Amalanadhipiran Pasuram 10

On 7/5/2015 Ubha.Ve. Dr. Lakshmi kumara Tatachariar swami started on the 10th and final pasuram of Tiruppanazhwar’s Amalanadipiran.After having enjoyed Periya Perumal, limb by limb,His ‘Samudhaya Shobai'(totality) is enjoyed here. Before taking up the pasuram swami gave a gist of the previous 9 pasurams. The first three pasurams deal with ‘akaram, ukaram and makaram’ of pranavam and start with the respective letters. The 4th pasuram takes up ‘ nama:’ shabdham and talks of His vatsalyam for a saranagathan. Sarangathavatsalan is Srirama who is ‘Sausheelyam’ personified. Ravana and Kumbakarna represent ahamkaram/mamakaram. The ten heads of Ravana are ten indhiriyas(senses) Satva gunam is represented by Vibhishana .Rama puts an end to rajas and tamas, and does rajabhishekam to satvik Vibhishana. First 3′ ananya- seshatvam’ is done and nama: gets rid of ‘swa seshatvam’. The awakening of Satvam makes one seek saranagathi. Nama: signifies prappathi according to Shiva who created ‘Mantrarajapada stotram’.
The 5th and 6th pasurams deal with ‘Narayana’ shabdham as ‘Bahubrihi and Thathpurusha samasam’ . During Mahapralayam all jeevatmas ,chethana and achetanas lie dormant inside His Belly. In’ Thundaven pirayan’ talks of His Paratvam. He is ‘The Universal Father,’ Father to even Brahma and Shiva. When Vedas were lost He retrieved them. He relieved Shiva’s ‘brahmahati dosham’ As if to indicate his apoornathvam Shiva sports the half-moon on his head. The 7th pasuram talks about His swamithvam as shown by the word ‘aiyyanar’. He reclines like an emerald mountain which is always sweet smelling and He is ‘Sarvarasa:’ The 8th pasuram describes the Beauty of His ‘Eyes’ which is manifest during Sri Nrisimhavatharam’. All 33 crores of devathas shudder on seeing Nrisimha but Prahlada sees Him as ‘Soumyan’ The Eyes which are scary to the enemies are full of grace to Prahladan. He is ‘Arangatthu Amalan’ and is Blemishless even if He killed Hiranyakasipu. He takes the angushtamatra swaroopam(thumb-sized Form) to live in our hearts and as ‘Shuddha sathva archa swaroopam’ in temples. In the 9th pasuram He shows that He is’Sarvakaranathvam'(The Cause ) as He lies as a Baby on The Big Banyan Leaf’. The 10th pasuram deals with bumadhikaram(Bhuma Vidhya). In Amalanadipiraan we have no indication about the author. It is a practise to mention the name of the composer and his place of birth etc. Nowhere in Amalandipiraan Tirupanazhwar mentions his name . Azhwar’s anubhavam of Perumal is such that he is not conscious of anything. He forgets about his own existence, his name etc. He hears nothing, sees nothing but Perumal. His anxiety that he will lose his anubhavam goes . His ‘klesham’ ends with ‘Perumal Anubhavam’. Tiruppanazhwar attains the state of a ‘prappathi nishtan’ . He does not remember his name or anything else and gets immersed in Perumal’s Tirumeni and hears the sonorous notes of ‘Sama Geetham ‘.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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