Perungalathur Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple – Sri Bhaktapurisan Perumal Brahmotsavam: Day 1&2


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On 28th June 2015; Manmadha Varusha Aani Kettai, Day 1 & 2 of Brahmotsavam for Sri Bhaktapurisan Perumal at Perungalathur Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple was celebrated grandly. On Day 1, in the morning, Sri Bhaktapurisan Perumal had Dwajarohanam and in the evening, Perumal had purappadu in Simha Vahanam. On Day 2, Yaali Vahanam purappadu took place and gave darshan to the devotees. Several astikas took part in this occasion and had blessings of  Perumal.

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The following are the photos taken during this occasion…..

Day 1



Perungala_Srini_86 Perungala_Srini_87 Perungala_Srini_95 Perungala_Srini_99 Perungala_Srini_98 Perungala_Srini_100 Perungala_Srini_88 Perungala_Srini_90 Perungala_Srini_91 Perungala_Srini_89 Perungala_Srini_92 Perungala_Srini_93 Perungala_Srini_96


Simha Vahanam

Perungala_Srini_102 Perungala_Srini_107 Perungala_Srini_106 Perungala_Srini_115 Perungala_Srini_105 Perungala_Srini_103 Perungala_Srini_101 Perungala_Srini_104 Perungala_Srini_108 Perungala_Srini_110 Perungala_Srini_111 Perungala_Srini_112 Perungala_Srini_113 Perungala_Srini_114 Perungala_Srini_116

Day 2

Yaali Vahanam

Perungala_Srini_78  Perungala_Srini_85 Perungala_Srini_77 Perungala_Srini_79 Perungala_Srini_80 Perungala_Srini_81 Perungala_Srini_83 Perungala_Srini_84


Courtesy:Sri Azhwarnath Dasan

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