Kanchi Sri Devarajaswami Kovil Manmadha Varusha Navarathiri Utsavam: Day 5


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Kanchi Varadharajaperumal

As a part of the ongoing Navarathri Utsavam at Sri Devaperumal Sannidhi, Kanchipuram, Day 5 celebrations took place on October 16th 2015. In the morning around 9.30 a.m, Thirumanjanam was performed to Sri Perundhevi Thayar  In the evening around  7.00 p.m, purpuppadu for Sri Devaperumal and Sri Perundhevi Thayar to Nootrukal mandapam took place for Oonjal Sevai . In the mandapam Perumal, Thayar thiruvaradhanam took place, followed by nivedhanam and Theertham, Satari and Goshti. Later after Padiyettram, Thayar returned to Kannadi Arai.

Manmatha varusha Navarathri utsavam started auspiciously on Mahalaya amavasya day (12/10/2015). That day happened to be Hastham the star chosen by Varadan for His avirbhavam. Every Hastham there is Tirumanjanam in ‘kanadi-arai” in the mornings and  purappadu for Deva Perumal in the evenings on Sannidhi Street. As usual Devadhirajan along with Ubhaya nachimars accepted the offerings of devotees and stopped at Tiruvadi koil. At Sri Ahobila Muth HH the 46th Srimadh Azhaghiasingar waited outside and did mangalasasnams to Deva Perumal. He was accorded maryadhai blessed indeed were the people who were present there. As Varadaraja Perumal reurned to the temple Thayar came in all Her finery. Perumal who went quickly on Sannidhi street moved along with Her slowly and the three white umbrellas appeared like four as the middle one was shared by Both.  Perundevi Thayar clad in Peethambara (golden yellow silkwith red border) dazzled with the exquisite jewels. The diamond Tiara and chandran/suryan hair ornaments gained beauty by adorning Her. The long braid at the back adorned with nagajadai in gold entwined with sweet smelling jasmines. The nethi pattai of diamond and precious gems, the ruby encircled diamond ear rings, the diamond maatal, nose rings etc. followed by series of chains and pendants, corals and emeralds seemed to compete with one another to adorn Jaganmatha. Deva Perumal and His consorts were equally dressed and adorned. The whole area was filled with women in their best silks and kids dressed up as Krishna, Radha and Andal. As they slowly moved to the hundred pillared mandapam devotees occupied vantage points to see the Divya Dampathis swing to the accompaniment of the nadhaswaram notes. Little boys in veshti sporting bright Tirumans whisked the chamarams vigorously while girls and boys pushed the swing dressed up in their best clothes.  The two golden umbrellas rotated in unison along with the swing.  As  Perumal with ubhayanachimars and Thayar moved into the golu-mandapam the curtains were drawn. Aradhanam, Theertham, Srisathari and prasadam was followed. After this padiyettram took place along with kattiyam and the Divya dampathis returned to kanadi-arai. This is where they stay during the ten days of navarathri.

During this period Vishvaroopam takes place at “kanadi-arai.”

At about 6.15 a.m. devotees rush to the kanadi-arai with silver-pots of cow’s milk(raw), fruits and flower garland offerings. The curtain is drawn and women make kolams with rice-flour and light lamps. The cow is ready showing her back to Perumal and the morning scene is filled with auspiciousness. Rice-grains, arhar dal turmeric are auspicious items to see at daybreak and some devotees bring these as also varied fruits. As  the curtains open everyone present hold their breath as they behold Vardaraja Perumal, His consorts and Perundevi Thayar in Kanadi arai. Everyone line up for theertham, Sri Sathari and flowers. What better way to start a morning?

Then at about 10.00 a.m. one can enjoy Tirumanjanam to Perundevi Thayar and get Theertham, manja kaapu and mavu prasadam (rice flour, bhurra sugar, ghee, dry fruits and cardomon are mixed and offered during navarathri).

Navarathri Friday Perumal knowing that Thayar would steal all the attention, sported a long braid with all embellishments and came as Kaliyanarthana Krishna sporting His peacock feather and invited attention and pranamams from all.

Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_01 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_02 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_04 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_17 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_18 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_15 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_06 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_07 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_08 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_05 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_09 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_10 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_11 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_12 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_13 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_14 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_16 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_19 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_28 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_30 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_20 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_21 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_22 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_23 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_24 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_25 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_26 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_27 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_29 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_31 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_32 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_33 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_00 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_34 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_35 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_36 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_37 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_03 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_38 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_39 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_40 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_41 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_42 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_43 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_44 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_45 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_46 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_47 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_48 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_49 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_50 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_51 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_52 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_53 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_54 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_55 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_56 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_57 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_58 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_59 Kanchi_Navarathri_Day5_60


Courtesy: Photos – Sri Sundararajan & Sri Elangadu Ranganathan Chakravarthy. Videos: Sri Sundararajan, Writeup: Smt Vyjayanthi

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