Pullaboothangudi Valvil Ramar Temple Vaikunta Ekadasi Purappadu



Vaikunta Ekadasi was celebrated in a grand manner at Sri Valvil Ramar Temple, Pullaboothangudi Divyadesam. On December 21st 2015, Sri Ramar had Garuda Sevai followed by Thiruveethi Purappadu. Many devotees participated from nearby villages and received the blessings of Sri Valvil Ramar. For Sri Vaishanavaites, the ultimate in life is attainment of moksha [salvation] by reaching Vaikuntam, the ultimate destination, the abode of Lord Himself. This is The place of no return and the human soul is free from the ills of the World and gets the supreme opportunity of nithya kainkaryam [daily service] to Lord.

Valvil Raman, who is the Emperumaan of this sthalam, after Sitapirattiyar his wife is lost, he is holding only his Kothandam, the Bow. This is the only support he has inspite of loosing his wife. But, Bhoomi Pirattiyyar, who helped Rama in the final funeral in Thiruputtkuzhi is giving support here and is sitting along with Valvil Ramar. Since, the Lord does the final ceremony for Jadaayu, the Eagle belongs to the pull family (One king of bird family) and after finishing the ceremony, he takes rest. So this shetram is called as “Pullam Kudi”. Kudi means the place of staying in Tamil.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Pullaboothangudi-Valvil-Ramar_00 Pullaboothangudi-Valvil-Ramar_03 Pullaboothangudi-Valvil-Ramar_05 Pullaboothangudi-Valvil-Ramar_01 Pullaboothangudi-Valvil-Ramar_04

Courtesy: Sri Valvilraman Temple Pullaboothangudi

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