Chennai Srimad Uttamur Swami Siddhashramam Thiruppavai Upanyasa Patrikai


Sri Andal Kanchi utsavam day 3

Thiruppaavai UpanyAsam was  Scheduled at Srimad Uttamur Swami Siddhashramam,West Mambalam Chennai. The Upanyasam on Thiruppavai Visheshartham will be delivered in 16 days by 16 Srivaishnava Stalwarts (Vidwans) . The upanyasam will take place in the evening at  4.00 to 5. 00 p.m at Siddhashramam. All astikas near by make this oppurtunity to participate in upanyasam and get the blessings of Sri Andal and Perumal.

The details of Upanyaskar, Pasuram and dates are given in the Patrikai…

Chennai-Srimad-Uttamur-Swami-Siddashramam1 Chennai-Srimad-Uttamur-Swami-Siddashramam

Courtesy: Sri Madhavan Seshadri

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