Anbil Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple Masi Garuda Sevai



Masi Garuda Sevai and Purappadu took place in a grand manner at Anbil Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple. On February 29th 2016, Masi Visakam, in the evening Sri Perumal had Garuda Sevai Alangaram followed by Thiruveethi Purappadu. Grand satrumurai and sevakalam took place with arulicheyal and veda parayana ghosti. Many Bakthas participated in the Purappadu and received the blessings of Sri Perumal.

The following are the photos taken during the Purappadu:

Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_07 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_00 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_01 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_02 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_03 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_04 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_05 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_06 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_08 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_09 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_10 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_12 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_14 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_15 Anbil-Sri-Sundararaja-Perumal_16

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  1. Hi, Our family would like to conduct a tirumanjanam at this great ancient temple in the month of November…around November 20th. I am looking for a contact for the Temple – the Priest’s name and number. If you happen to have that, can you please email me? We will be coming from Chennai and far away cities to do this pooja.


    Usha Ramaswamy

  2. Dear Sir,
    I would like to do pooja with Thirukannamuthu and Thathothanam on Ekadasi day as per the parikaram told by joshyar. Could you please let me know any contact number who can arrange this. I am in chennai. Please pass on the details to or 9962460231.
    Thank you



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