Thirunangur Sri Vanpurushothaman Kovil Sri Manavala Mamunigal Sannadhi Renovation Appeal


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Seerkali Van Purushothaman Sannadhi Manavala Mamunigal
The divine shrines visited by alwars and acharyas are referred as divya desams and 108 such divya desams are considered ” holy” especially among the Shri Vaishnavites. Thirunangur divya desams collectively comprises 11 divya desams or shrines and Thirumangai Alwar worshiped the “Lord” with holy hyms called Pasurams. Shri Vanpurushothaman Koil is one pradhana shetram or divya desam in Thirunangur where a separate sannidhi is there for our acharya “Shri Manavala Mamuni.”
Most of these Divyadesams are taken care of by trustees,philonthrapists and devoted shri vaishnavites on their individual capacity. However large scale kainkaryams like construction,renovation ,utsavams and creating facilities go beyond their reach and they need financial support and helping hand from the bhaktas.
One of the prime duty for bhaktas and asthigas is to involve ourselves into some form of kainkaryam or seva to the “Lord” without having any expectations. Contributions whatever it may be is considered supreme and that will bring peace and prosperity to one and all and also directly or indirectly nurture and strengthen our ancient traditions and culture.
The eleven Garuda Seva festival is a big event which is regularly held at the time of Thai Amavasya. This grand utsavam attracts thousands of devotees from all nook and corner of the State and outside as well. The main part of the festival is called Mangalasasanam where all pasurams related to Thirunangur temples are receited by vedic and prabhanda scholars in soul stirring style. As a finale to this programme Shri Manavalla Mamuni,describe and praises Thirumangai Alwar which is fondly called vadivazhagu is recited with extreme synchrony. The utsava murthi of Shri Manavala mamunigal belongs to Shri Van Purushothama Perumal temple and “He” leads the Garuda seva procession from beginning to end.
It is desired by the hereditary Trustees of Shri Van Purushothaman temple and bhaktas to renovate the sanndhi and mandapam of Shri Manavala mamunni which is presently in a dilapated condition. The cost of undertaking this kainkaryam may include construction, painting, decorations and is estimated to be around Rs.4.5 lakhs. It is also desired to complete the work well before the rainy season starts (Iyppasi) in oct’2015.
We hereby appeal to all bhaktas, philanthropists, trusts and individuals to contribute generously to this sacred kainkaryam and get blessings from the ” Lord” and our “Acharyas”.
The contribution in the form of DD/Cheque can be sent to the Secretary, T.V.V.S.S.K Trust
4/83-A,Sri.Purushothama Perumal Koil Street,Nangoor-609106,
Sirkali-Tk, Nagai District & obtain receipt for the same .
You may transfer the funds to trust account.
1. SB a/c No.6027064799, Indian Bank, Thenpathi Branch, Code No.S108, IFSC Code No: IDIB000S108  
2. SB A/c No.608801152764, ICICI Bank Ltd, Mailaduthuri Branch, Code No: 6088, IFSC Code No: ICIC0006088.
We hold our kainkaryadars with supreme respect and thank them with folded hands for their noble contributions
For Further queries can Contact
Secretary & Treasurer
mobile : 9750251058

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    A donar who agreed to renovate the mandap failed to do so till date even after repeated reminders sent through phone calls, letters.

    Sri.Manavala Mamunigal Sannathi Mandapam is cut stone structure built in the year 1972. Due to settlement in foundation cracks have developed threatening safety of structurre. Due to cracks developed at the roof during rainy season leak accurs leading to non-usage of mandapam especially thirunakshatram i.e. Iyppasi Moolam (October) hindering reciting of 4000 divya prabhanda sevai during above festival.

    Sri.Manavala Mamunigal spent 2 years in the shrine in the service of the lord Sri.Van Purushothaman.

    Secretary & Treasurer
    Mob: 9750251058


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