Aadi Garudan at Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple



Durmukhi Aadi Pooradam Pournami(July 19th 2016) Deva Perumal descended from Atthigiri at about 5.30p.m. dressed in a light pink silk vastram with broad contrasting border wearing His muthu Pandian kondai(pearl crown) and proceeded to vahana mandapam to ascend on His Garuda mount. The curtain was drawn for Perumal to be readied and the swelling crowds listened to the music played and waited for the curtain to open. Many climbed up the steps, and everyone tried to find a good place to view The King Of Boons(Varadaraja) on The King of Birds.

As the curtains opened to reveal Garudazhwar wearing a magenta silk with blue border and Varadan resting His Feet on the outstretched palms of Garuthman the crowd shouted ‘Varada! Varada!’. The vahana mandapam is infront of swami Desikan sannidhi and Perumal left after the Kanchipuram Shake (Kullukal) as if alerting evryone. The arulicheyal goshti started their chants and Perumal waited with Garuda for them to finish so that He could move to the Anatha Saras to save Gajendrazhwar. The Veda parayana goshti followed Him with ‘Veda Rakshai’ The sending of the sudarsana chakram is represented by tying a rope on the railings of the pushkarni and lighting a fireworks which move like a spark from one end to the other. This is like a thunderbolt and is sent several times. The karpooraharathi is offered. Everyone offered flowers and Gajendra varadan came in full speed to accept the lotus of Gajendra. Imagine the devotion of the elephant who remembered to offer a flower when he was in so much pain.

Having enacted the ‘Gajendra moksham’ Perarulalan came along Azhwar Tiruchutru stopping by Nammazhwar, Manavala mamunigal, Bashyakarar and swami Desikan sannidhi to tell them ‘Saranagatha rakshanam’ was His vratham. As He emerged out of the Gopura vasal there were two kulukkals and Harathi offerings when the umbrella was held bending down, the first one infront of the ‘naalukalmandapam’ and the second after crossing the ‘gopura vasal’. This sevai was for Doddachariar of Sholingur. Then He went along Sannidhi Streets and the Mada veedhis accepting the offerings of the devotees who had gathered along the way. Varadan is the kalpavriksham who gives Himself to his devotees. After finishing the rounds Perumal returned to vahana mandapam and then aasthanam. By enacting the Gajendra episode Varadan declares that ‘Saranagathi is open to everyone ‘.

The following are the photos taken during the occasion:

Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal7 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal10 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal19 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal14 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal9 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal1 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal2 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal6 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal5 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal16 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal23 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal28 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal15 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal3 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal8 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal4 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal11 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal12 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal18 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal22 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal17 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal20 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal24 Kanchi-Sri-Varadaraja-Perumal25


Photos: Sri Krishna Durai, Sri Tirumundi Krishnan, Sri AS Santhosh, Write – up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan


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