Madurai Swami Vedanta Desikan Sannadhi Durmukhi Varusha Desikan Thirunakshatra Utsavam : Day 1 to 5


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On 11 October 2016; Durmukhi  Varusha Purattasi Sravanam; The annual Swami Vedanta Desikan Thirunakshatra Utsavam Commenced in grand manner at  Sri Vedanta Desikan sannadhi (Situated near Sri Koodal Azhagar Sannadhi), Madurai. Swami Desikan Utsavam is celebrated for 10 days  until 20 October 2016, As part of the Swami Desikan Utsavam , Thirumanjanam is  performed on everyday of the utsavam  around 10.30 am and in the evening  Naalayira divya Prabandha parayanam will take place  around 5.30 pm. Thiruveedhi Purappadu for Swami Desikan  also take place everyday, after the completion of Prabhanda Parayanam  followed by  Satrumurai at sannadhi around  8.30 to  9 Several Srivaishnavas took part in the day 1 to 5 of Desikan Utsavam at Madurai and had the blessings of Acharya and Perumal

Day 2 of Thirunakshatra Utsavam
madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016001 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016002 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016003 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016004 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016005 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016006 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016007 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016008 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-2-2016009
Day 3 of Thirunakshatra Utsavam
madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-3-2016001 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-3-2016002 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-3-2016003 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-3-2016004 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-3-2016005 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-3-2016006 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-3-2016007 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-3-2016008
Day 5 of Thirunakshatra Utsavam 
madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-5-2016001 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-5-2016002 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-5-2016003 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-5-2016004 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-5-2016005 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-5-2016006 madurai-swami-desikan-thirunakshatra-utsavam-day-5-2016007

Photography : Sri Chakkarapani Srinivasan

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