Pavitrotsavam At Aviyur Sri Navaneetha Krishna Perumal Temple – Day 2


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On 22nd October, 2016 Day 2 Pavitrotsavam was celebrated  in a grand manner at Sri Navaneetha Krishna Perumal Temple, Aviyur. There was Veda Prabanda parayanam on all three days together with sthothrapadam recital. All the Aviyurites Asthikas and general public participated on all three days and received the blessings of Lord NavaneethaKriskna Perumal

The following are the photos taken during this utsavam:

aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_01 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_02 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_03 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_04 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_05 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_06 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_07 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_08 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_09 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_10 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_11 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_12 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_14 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_15 aviyur_sri_navaneetha_krishna_perumal_temple_day2_16

Courtesy: Sri Srinivasan

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