Go Mahimai – The glories of the sacred cow


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Go Brahmanasya: Subhamastu Nityam, Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavanthu says a sloka seeking the well-being of cow and brahmin and the entire world. This statement denotes that only if cows and brahmin remain well, then the rest shall prosper. If the root of a tree is intact the rest of its parts shall grow again properly likewise the cow and a brahmin are the roots for all other living entities.

The vedas, fire, brahmins and cows are the four that arose from the first effulgence that radiated from Brahma’s face. Vedas were prime for Brahma to create the universe. Agni was required to carry the havis to the demi gods. The ghee that is prime to a yaga is derived from cows. A brahmin is required to conduct such yagnas. Hence without these four the world shall not function.

The role and the glories of cows are abundant. Cows play an important role for the well-being of the world. We get milk and curds from cows which are essential for the holy bath of God. The ghee that is offered to God is also derived from cow. A cow is placed first for the Vishwarupa Seva. Cow is present in all the fourteen worlds. Scriptures says when one circumbulates a cow while it giving birth to a calf, it yields the benefit of rendering pradakshina to this earth.

Milk is such a wondrous health food suitable from infants to elders. Cows’ milk is used in all auspicious functions. Its butter and ghee are used to make all sweets. As per the statement ‘VinA go-rasam ko Raso BhojanAnAm?’ without milk products where is the taste in food. Ghee is used to purify cooked food.  

Scriptures states that Veda and its six components resides in cow’s face, Kesavan resides in her horn, Skandan in her stomach, Brahma on her head, Rudra on her forehead, Aswini devas dwells on her ears, Sun and Moon resides in her eyes. Garuda in her teeth, Saraswathi on her tongue, all the holy waters in its anus, Ganges resides in her prasravam, the Rishis dwell in her hair follicle and Yama in the rear, on the right side is Kubera and Varna. Yakshas reside on her left side. Nagas reside on nose, Apsaras in her hood. Mahalaksmi resides in komayam. The four seas dwell in her four udders.

A cow dung is used for all purification purpose as it a germicide. All types of sins are destroyed if one consumes pancha kavyam made from cow’s urine, dung, milk, curds and ghee. Consuming pancha kavyam is the atonement for one’s tainted acts.

It is said if one comes in contact with the dust of a cow, it is equivalent to Vayavya snanam. Scriptures state all the sins get vanished when one goes after a cow. It is considered favorable to travel during the go dhulika lagnam. Go dhulika lagnam occurs when the cows come back during evening.

Ganga, Gayathri, Gita, Govindha and Gho are the five important elements that uplift humans. Bathing in Ganga, chanting Gayathri, reading Gita, meditating upon Govindha, care taking of Cows will lead us to salvation. If one takes good care of cow and donates it, they derive immense good deeds.

One who donates cow shall easily cross the River of Hell (Vaidharini) by holding on to a cow’s tail. If a white cow is donated, the donor enjoys living in a palace on heaven. If a grey colored cow is donated, the donor will lead a higher position. If a red colored cow is donated, the donor will look and live well. Donating a kapila (brown) cow will yield all kinds of good deeds. It is considered most superior to donate a milk producing cow along with her calf.

Donating a cow is one of the ten types of daanam.  Those who are not able to donate cows can serve cows by feeding grass, water and helping in its safety. People of north India takes good care of cows by providing enough grassy place for the cows to graze. Rendering service to cows increases the good deeds, committing an offense against cows accrue greater sins.

I render my prostration to such a Holy Cow that is glorified as Gomatha, the reason for the development of all the sentient and the insentient beings in this world and that which is celebrated as a mother at all times.

The original article is written by Sri U Ve. Vidwan E V Krishnaswamy Iyyangar, Thiruvattipuram, in Tamil. This above English translation has been done by Smt Jayashree Ramanujam


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