Thirukkudandhai Sri Sarangapani Temple Vilambi Varusha Dakshinayana Vaasal Thirappu

Sri Aaravamudhan

Sri Aaravamudhan

The Dakshinayana Vaasal Thirappu took place on 16th July 2018 (Vilambi Aadi Magam) at  Thirukkudanthai Sri Sarangapani Perumal temple (Aravamudhan Sannidhi). This ceremony indicates the beginning of Dakshinayana punyakalam (period) which is from midst of July to January (Aadi to Margazhi). And the other period (from middle of January to middle of July -Thai to Aani) is called Utharayana punyakalam. At Thirukkudandhai Sarangapani Temple, there are two entrances for Aravamudhan Sannidhi. The Southern entrance is the Dakshinayana Vaasal and the northern entrance is Utharayana Vaasal. Both entrances have nine steps which are the nine steps of attaining moksham. At the beginning of  Dakshinayana period, the dakshianayana Vaasal was opened and Aaramudhan had purappadu through this vaasal.

Some of the photos taken during that occasion can be viewed below:

Sri Aaravamudhan

Photo Courtesy: Sri Sudarsan Raju

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