Thiruvallur Veeraraghava Swami Brahmotsavam – Day 1 to Day 4


Chitrai Brahmotsavam at Sri Veeraraghava swami temple commenced on 28th April 2020. This year due to the lock-down restrictions prevailing country-wide (due to Covid-19 pandemic) the utsavam is conducted behind closed doors in the temple, without any sevarthis. Some of the photos taken during day 1 to day 4 of the Brahmotsavam can be viewed below

Day 1 – Thanga Chaparam and Simha Vahanam Alankaram

Day 2 – Hamsa Vahanam and Suraya Prabhai

Day 3 – Garuda Vahanam and Hanumantha Vahanam

Day 4 – Sesha Vahanam and Chandra Prabhai

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