Pavitrotsavam in Sri Chaturbuja Ramar temple at Ponpathirkoodam


24 September 2021,Plava Varusha Purattasi -8,Friday;

ThiruPavithrotsavam commenced on 20 September 2021,in Sri Chaturbuja Ramar Temple at Ponpathirkoodam, near Chengalpet .Pavitrotsavam was celebrated in a grand manner for three days between 20 September 2021 to 22 September 2021.

On this occasion,kalasa Sthapanam ,Kumbha Prathishtai,Agni Prathisthai was performed.Homam was performed amidst of Veda parayanam followed by Thiru Pavithra Samarpanai.Thirumanjanam and Alankaram was also performed during the occasion.on the final day,Poornahuti was performed in a grand manner.Several Astikas took part in all the three days of ThiruPavithrotsavam and had the blessings of Divyadampatis.

Photos of the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy:A Devotee

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