Swami Desikan’s Adhikara Sangraham: Sloka-22


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25 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -10, Saturday ;


MEANING: After the Lord accepts the plea for accepting the burden of protection of the chEthanam, the Prapannan is freed from the debts to DevAs, Rishis and Pithrus. With this glory, Prapannan acquires the power of uninterrupted kaimkaryams performed by nithyasooris in Srivaikuntam, right here on this earth during their remaining days here.

There are still duties that are to be performed by the Prapannan in his post-prapatthi period until he ascends to Srivaikuntam to join the MukthAs and the Nithyasooris for nithya kaimkaryam to the Lord. He should engage in Bhagavath-BhAgavatha Kaimkaryam with delight and without expecting anything in return (Svayam-prayOjanam). He should learn with humility from ParamaikAnthis, move with them and banish even a touch of ego about his status. He should understand and meditate on the avathAra rahasyams of the Lord taught to him in SrImad Bhagavath GitA. He should consume Saathvik aaharam and continue to do Aj~Na, anuj~nA kaimkaryams without discontinuity.

The key passage of this Paasuram is: “VaNN Thuvarai KaNNan koLLa kadankaL kazhaRRiya BhagavargaL vilakku inRi mEvum adimai yellAm maNN ulahatthil mahizhnthu adaihinRanar” (After the Lord of DhwArakai accepts their Prapatthi, the PrapannAs gain all kaimkaryams done by the nithyasooris in Srivaikuntam right here on this earth).

The Six items to practice and banish in Post-Prapatthi period

1. To forget: desire to enjoy material pleasures

2. To think about: The UpakArams of AchAryan starting from His first Glance.

3. To avoid: Talking about his own glories & Superiority

4. To engage in: Recitation of Dhvaya manthram

5. To avoid by all means: ApachArAm to BhAgavathAs and Brahmavidhs by Manas, Speech or body

6. To engage with all means: Bhagavath-BhAgavatha-AchArya Kaimkaryams by mind, speech and body.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri. V. Sadagopachariar

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