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120th Thirunakshatra Mahothsavam Of Navalpakkam : Sri Devanatha Tatayarya Mahadesikan – Navalpakkam Acharya Parampara


The 120th Thirunakshatra Mahothsavam of Thirumalai Chaturvedha Shatakrutu Navalpakkam Ayya Sri Devanatha Tatayarya Mahadesikan was held in a grand manner on 31/7/2016 (Aadi – Thiruvaadhirai) at Swami’s Thirumaligai at Navalpakkam. The Thirunakshatra Mahothsavam which was in progress from 26/7/2016 at Swami’s Thirumaligai at Navalpakkam included the reciting of all Four Vedas + Dravida Vedam as well as the Itihasa Puranams. Coinciding with the Thirunakshatra Mahothsavam, Sribhashya Vidwat Sadas was held on all the 5-days under the able guidance, supervision & leadership of Sri. U.Ve. Krishna Ramanuja Tatayarya Mahadesikan (known as Sri Valayappettai Swami), who currently leads the Navalpakkam Acharya Parampara.
At the same time, on 30/07/2016, Swami’s Thirumaligai also witnessed the Thirunakshatra Mahothsava Celebrations of Navalpakkam Sri U.Ve. Annayarya Mahadesikan; Navalpakkam Agnihothram Sri U.Ve. Narayana Tatayarya Mahadesikan as well.
Among those who had participated in the Vidwat Sadas included Sri U.Ve. Villur Nadadoor Karunakarachar Swami; Sri U.Ve. Pazhaveri Villivalam Lakshminarasimhachar Swami (Poorvasrama thirukkumarar of 45th Pattam HH Srimad Azhagiyasingar); Sri U.Ve. Navalpakkam Vasudevachar Swami and many others.
The Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam culminated into Book Release with the Titles:
1. Vedantha Vaijayanthi- Part3
2. Suthra Anugunya Nirnayaha

Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_00 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_02 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_07 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_01 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_03 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_05 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_04 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_09 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_20 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_14 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_06 Navalpakkam_Acharya_thirunakshatram_11

Courtesy : Sri C S Raghavan

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120th Thirunakshatra Mahothsavam Of Navalpakkam : Sri Devanatha Tatayarya Mahadesikan – Navalpakkam Acharya Parampara