Thirucherai Sri Saranatha Perumal Temple Brahmotsavam: Thiruther (Thai Poosam Speical)



Located about 3 km South of Nachiyar Thirukkoil (about 15km off Kumbakonam) is the Saranaathan Temple in Thirucherai. This is part of the Krishnaaranya Kshetram and is between Nachiyaar Thirukkoil and ThiruKannamangai Divya Desams. Brahmma who wanted to save the Vedas tried to preserve its contents in a mud pot. Every time, he tried making the pot, it broke down. He looked up to Perumal for solution and was asked to go Thirucherai to collect the sand for the making of the pot. Detailed sthala puranam about Thirucherai is presented in this link: Thirucherai Saranathan – Divyadesa Vaibhavam

Vijaya varusha Thai Bhramothsavam at Thirucherai is being conducted from January 8th 2014 to 18th January 2014. As a part of Brahmotsavam, Thai Poosam Thiruther is significant in this divya desam, which was conducted today, January 17th 2014.

For previous days’ Brahmotsavam photos of this year, please visit the following links:

Some of the photos taken during Thiruther today can be viewed below

Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-00 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-01 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-05 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-08 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-10 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-12 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-16 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-17 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-20 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-35 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-38 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-44 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-46 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-47 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-48 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-49 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-55 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-57 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-58 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-62 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-63 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-64 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-67 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-68 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-70 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-72 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-73 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-75 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-77 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-79 Thirucherai_Brahmotsavam_Thiurther-80
Photography by Sri Aandhapadmanabhan

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