Nagai Sri Soundararaja Perumal Temple Vasanthotsavam: Day 1&2


Nagai Vasanthotsavam16

The 5-day annual Vasanthotsavam at Sri Soundararaja Perumal Temple, Nagapattinam commenced on June 9, 2014. On the first two days (June 9&10, 2014), Sri Soundararaja Perumal had purappadu in the evening at around 6 pm and reached the Sri Soundaravalli Nachiyar sannidhi Mandapam, where the utsavam took place grandly. There was Sahasranama Parayanam, Sevakalam, Thiruvaradhanam and Satrumurai thereafter. At around 9 pm, Perumal returned to the main Asthanam.

The following are some of the related photographs followed by the official pathrigai…

Day 1

Nagai Vasanthotsavam1 Nagai Vasanthotsavam2 Nagai Vasanthotsavam3 Nagai Vasanthotsavam4 Nagai Vasanthotsavam5 Nagai Vasanthotsavam6 Nagai Vasanthotsavam7 Nagai Vasanthotsavam8

 Day 2

Nagai Vasanthotsavam9 Nagai Vasanthotsavam10 Nagai Vasanthotsavam11 Nagai Vasanthotsavam12 Nagai Vasanthotsavam13 Nagai Vasanthotsavam14 Nagai Vasanthotsavam15 Nagai Vasanthotsavam16 Nagai Vasanthotsavam17 Nagai Vasanthotsavam18 Nagai Vasanthotsavam19 Nagai Vasanthotsavam20

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