Ahobilam Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswami Temple Pavithrotsavam Concludes


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Manmadha Varusha Pavithrotsavam at Sri Ahobila Divya desam was celebrated grandly for past five days and got concluded with Maha poornahuti yesterday, November 1st 2015, with the auspicious presence of HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar. Earlier Prahaladha Varadhan along with His consorts had purappadu followed by thirumanjanam.

Annual Pavitrotsavams are purificatory rituals recommended by Aagamas to expiate the commissions and the omissions associated with daily worship (Aaraadhanam) of the Lord at His consecrated temples.  Lapses in the performance of the Aaraadhanam are recognized and a detailed ceremony consisting of homam in front of the Utsava Moorty at a specailly constructed yaaga saala. The decoration of all the Moortys of the temple with specially prepared necklaces made of dyed cotton thread is carried out and the day concludes with a pornahoothi. This is an elaborate utsavam, which can be conducted from 3-10 days depending on the temple tradition. The time for the performance of the Pavitrotsavam is different from temple to temple.

Located about 110 km North West of Cuddapah amidst the dense Nalla Malai Forest of the Achalachaaya Meru mountain range is the Singavelkundram Divya Desam in Ahobilam, one of the 16 prominent Swayam Vyaktha Kshetrams. Reference to Ahobilam is found in 10 chapters (over a 1000slokas) in the Brahmanda Purana.
Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_24 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_20 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_32 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_10 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_31 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_22 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_07 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_04 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_29 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_08 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_03 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_28 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_14 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_15 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_23 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_01 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_19 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_02 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_27 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_12 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_05 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_26 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_35 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_17 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_30 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_36 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_06 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_34 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_33 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_11 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_00 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_25 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_21 Ahobilam_Pavithrotsavam_09

Photography courtesy : Sri Barghavan & Sri Prasad, Ahobilam

For previous days Pavithrotsavam photos during this year please visit the following link:

For detailed article about Ahobilam please read: Ahobilam (Nava Narasimha Sthalas)
For details about the significance of Pavithrotsavam read: Significance of Pavitrotsavam
Detailed travelogue about Ahobilam: Ahobilam Singavelkundram

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  1. I was extremely thrilled to see the photos of Pavithrothsam since i was not blessed to participate in the Utsavam.

    But I am extremely happy and blessed by Srimad Azhagiya singar and lord Prahaladavaradan to see the Thrumanjan and homam in the photos.

    This reminded me , my participation in the Pavithrotsavam nearly a decade ago when 45th Jeer of Sri Ahobilamutt ,performed Pavithrotsavam and serthi savai of Malolan. Infact His Holiness ,(45th Jeer) used to visit Ahobilam yearly two to three times during his Asthana period.


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