Anudinam Podcast: Badrinath Travel Experience by Sri Mani Swami


Sri Badrinath Kshetram is one among the 108 Divya Desams and is located in Utrakhand State in India. Due to its high altitude and weather conditions, its one of the challenging place to visit and many aspire to visit this divya desam at-least once in life time. En-route to Badrinath there are two more Divya Desams – Thiruppirudhi(Joshirmutt) and Thirukkandam – Kadi Nagar(Devaprayag).

Today on our Anudinam Podcast show,we have Sri Mani Swami from Chennai, who had visited Sri Badrinath temple for very many years and shares his vast experience and intricate details about the sthalam, lets listen to what he says…!

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