Raghuveera Gadhyam – 35


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(Meaning): O Lord of all the universe! Hail to Thee!Hail to Thee! O BhoothAthmA, the inner soul of ALL beings!Hail to Thee! O Bhuthakrith, the creator of ALL beings and such their YajamAnA! Hail to Thee! O Bhootha Bhavya Bhavath prabhu, the swami (master) of all things of the past, future and the present, Hail to Thee! O VashatkArAha swami, the one who controls and directs and thereby lords over the universe! Hail to Thee! O Bhootha bhavana bhootesa swami, the sustainer and the Lord of this universe! Hail to Thee! O Lord saluted by svetasvatAra Upanishad as: “Superior to Him, there is no one whatsoever (yasmAth param nAparam asthi kimchith)! Hail to Thee! O PradhAna Purushevara, the Lord of primordial matter and PurushAs! Hail to Thee!

GS 76: Raghava Simha! Jaya! Jaya!

(Meaning):O the exalted one among the scion of Raghu! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

(Comments): The kings of Raghu Vamsam are famous for protecting those, who sought refuge in them. There ishowever no one in your vamsam, who excells you in the matter of Abhaya PradhAnam and SaraNAgatha Rakshakathvam. In the divine story of yours told by Sage Vaalmiki, every khAndam of that epic is full with stories of your protection of saraNAgathAs. In bala KhAndham,DevAs sought your refuge at the milky ocean to protect them from the terrors of RavaNA. You protected them. In AyodhyA khaandham, your brother LakshmaNA fell at your feetand performed Prapatthi and gained the fruits of that Prapatthi bybeing blessed to join you in Your exile.

In AaraNya KhAndham, the sages of DandakAraNyam soughtyour protection and performed SaraNAgathi. You destroyed Kharan, DhushaNan and others and came to their rescue. You accepted the SaraNAgathi of the aparAdhi, the KaakAsuran and did not kill him for his unforgivable offense. In KishkindhA KhAndham, you responded the SaraNAgathi of Sugreva and saved him from the terrors of his brother Vaali. In Yuddha KhAndham, You gave Abhaya PradhAnam to VibhishaNA and accepted his SaraNAgathi. What Vibhishana really wanted was Kaimkaryam to You. He received the total response to his paripurNa saraNagathi and even today, he serves you at Srirangam. Your prakAsam (effulgence) as SaraNYa seelan (Rakshakan) and your Vaibhavam as the unfailing observer of SaraNya vratham entitles you to the title of RAGHAVA SIMHAM. Hail to Thee! Hail To Thee!

with this 76th salutation, the Yuddha KhAndham section of Swami Desikan’s Raghuveera Gadhyam comes to an auspicious conclusion.

Rama: PitA Raghava yeva MaathA
Ramassubhandhusccha sakhA hitasccha |
RaamO gururmE paramam cha dhaivam
Ramam VinA nAnyaham smarAmi ||

Sri VaishNava Daasan,

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

To be continued…

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